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We got the superfudo chicken rice n truffle beef donburi!!!!

xIao hUi: 6.2/11

quaint place! v cute and wasn’t too crowded when we went, was fairly cute :”) the chicken rice was quite normal, they used chix Breast to was harder than usual but still q well cooked such that it’s not too hard and they used normal rice so was q mmmmshook kek BUT the truffle was Super worth it bcos it had mushrooMz n an egg in it too and the beef was v well cooked, ilike! both worth bcos of the 1-1!

xiao ninGz: 7/11

not v filled w people, p chill place !!! chicken rice was tAsty but p plain ( not a lot of vegs ) whole d truffle beef was p worth it leh cUz beef portion was generous and rice has some beef sauce which made it v deliciaous & onsen egg was also given in d truffle bOwl !!! lOoks like a p new place that’s q underrated so worth a visit !!! :-)