Revamped from the former Hit & Mrs, Mario & Luigi is The Big Group's superb take on Italian food. Here is an enclave for an amazing dinner and drinks with a friend. For antipasti (appetiser), have the Burrata (RM29) β€” a refreshing medley of heirloom tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and aged balsamic. Then move to the Primi (pastas) section, where a Tagliatelle (RM78) will steal your heart with its glorious egg yolk and truffle butter. Wash dinner down with a glass of red (from RM35) and definitely save your stomach for the Dolce (sweet) course of Panna Cotta (RM28) with strawberry sorbet and granola. Pro Tip: Make reservations in advance for the 7pm or 9pm dinner slots.
Avg Price: RM120