Been here before but I was really pleasantly surprised that their food quality actually improved! These are the must order dishes here:

XO Fish Soup - their fish soup come with a really robust soup that has the earthy flavours coming from the XO wine, sweetness from the fish broth and richness from the milk. So addictive! The fish chunks are thick and really fresh as well 😍

Fried Prawn Roll - beautifully fried, these were crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Not too savoury and accompanies the fish very well!

Prawn Paste Chicken - this is really the star of the show. Extremely light and crispy exterior with strong prawn paste flavours and juicy chicken meat within, this was so addictive! Really a must order.

San Lou Hor Fun - this comes generous with many fresh fish slices and I love how the hor fun itself is still chewy and silky smooth! This dish contains loads of garlic as well which adds alot of flavour to the dish!

Definitely a very good place to eat with friends. Will be back!