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The BEST ramen I've ever had in Japan (aside from Ichiran) was this nondescript place which I didn't even get its name. Sister and I were hungry in between lunch and dinner and we popped by a ramen place along the street, down at a basement where they sold kazan ramen. My my, the ramen got tastier and the soup got thicker and yummier as it continued to bubble and boil. I will never forget that shared stonebowl of ramen.

Back to Singapore, I've always wanted to try due to my experience in Japan. I admit I wasn't expecting the flat and straight type of noodles and thought it would be the thick, wavy type. The ramen served looked like ee mian, so I thought I would be disappointed. BUT, lo and behold, the dish was great! Very tasty, full of vegetables and the soup was awesome. The theatrics of the sizzle of the soup when poured into the bowl was a sight to watch.

To top it off, when you're done with your ramen, they would give you a bowl of rice to dump into the soup. I can't emphasize just how satisfying this felt and how fulfilling the meal was.

$15.00 for the small bowl and 4.2/5

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