No more dining in, only take aways. No more watermelon rose cake in the shop but I think you can order customize cakes and cupcakes from them. I don't know if you can order the rose watermelon as a customize but I do wish I could eat the actual version. How I wish I had know about them earlier because these cupcakes are so yummy. Imagine how those original cakes would have tasted. You can buy the cupcakes in the shop for take aways. The black sesame frosting is thick and fragrant with the sesame flavour. The cake is sweet and can do with a little peanutty flavour but it is still good. The pistachio is so good. The frosting is fragrant like a thick pistachio paste that isn't cloying and matches really well the cake part. I think I will go down to the shop again to try the rest of the flavours. And repeat purchase these two flavours.