There is a new ENG WONTON NOODLE at novena! Near Kyushu pancake! Came here to try their regular dry wanton mee noodle ($4.50. there is large bowl option available too). I was quite shocked when the meat was served because it was those super charred FATTY cut kind? Haha totally not to my liking! I miss the original green bowl eng wanton noodle back during the tanjong katong days (the meat used at tanjong katong then was the lean meat not charred type). I'm hoping that eng wanton noodle will have the option to choose between fatty and lean meat cut! This time round, I tried the noodles with their red hot chilli and I enjoyed it! Be sure not to put too much as it was sure spicy! And I'm super happy that this place serves water chestnut drink! (Lol I'm addicted to water chestnut drink ever since 👦🏻 introduced them to me months ago). I will be back again to try the claypot rice here! Looks good! (From Lorong 33 geylang!) But do note there is a 30mins wait time. But you can call beforehand to reserve! #burpple #burpplesg #engwanton #engwantonnoodle