Hidden within a neighbourhood lies a homely ice cream cafe, with quality waffles and ice cream we loved!

Flavours of ice cream we got were:

Yakult Grape: very refreshing, each mouthful comes with a punch of grape flavour and a sour yogurt like aftertaste. Best for a hot afternoon!

Peanut Butter Oreo: this rendition isn't grainy at all, and I loved the deep peanut flavour that hits you straight and chocolatey oreo bits that comes after as you bite them.

Brownie: this is my personal favourite, as the chocolate flavours are really rich and strong. Very incredibly smooth and decadent.

Black Sesame: milky and slightly earthy, we felt like the black sesame taste isn't strong. Sadly this was our least favourite.

The waffles were really delightful, as they were crispy and airy, with a slight fluffiness within. Definitely a good non heavy waffle to have after a filling meal! Each double scoop waffle is $12.50.