An Indonesian inspired restaurant. This slab of pork ribs is so delicious I think this is the best ribs I've tried by far. Squeeze some lime on top of the meat and rub the chilly sauce on top for some delicious kick. (Optional. Having it by itself is delicious too!) Very tender meat. Soft and flavourful. Falls of the bones without any hassle. Finger licking good! Thank god they did not drown the meat in BBQ sauce.
The manager/owner of the restaurant cut it up for us and says the our ribs was very fresh because he could cut it with minimal effort. If it's tough, it's quite an old meat. He would send it back and give us a fresher one.
Although I had quite a tough meat on my second visit, other parts were still as delicious. My first visit was the best though!
If you're looking good BBQ pork ribs, head over to Naughty Nuri's, just behind Bricks and Barrels. They also have other delicious porky dishes! To be reviewed soon!
Food: 8/10 Price: 9/10 (RM 39 for one slab!! Comparing this to ante's kitchen, the portion is about the same. But the price difference is huge! I think the price for this slab of ribs is really worth it. 😁)