Springleaf's eggs benny-inspired Plaster Blaster ($5) comprises a crisp, fluffy plain prata topped with slices of ham and a wobbly poached egg smothered in Hollandaise sauce (though you might prefer ladling spoonfuls of good ol' curry instead). When you break into that egg, watch as it mixes into the hollandaise (or curry) as you tear that prata apart. Come with a big group to try their ridiculous murtabak inventions, like the Ultimate Murtabak ($12) stuffed with tandoori chicken and oozing mozzarella studded with mushroom slices, or the Umami ($7.50), brimming with chicken luncheon meat, chicken floss, Japanese mayonnaise, egg and mozzarella. p.s. They created the patty and cheese-filled Murtaburger ($7) too.