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A brew-tea-ful day to thrill your palate with The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.’s tea-infused pastries and desserts, the newly added chiffon cakes ($6.80/each) are not to be missed. Made by Dulcet & Studio, the assorted fruity tea-infused flavours were spot on with the exclusive Earl Grey Chiffon Cake and Yuzu Chiffon Cake being two of my favourites.

Denser of the lot, the unassuming Yuzu Chiffon was vibrant, zesty and citrusy. Love the bits of yuzu and the light airy cream. Fragrant and not too sweet, it didn’t have the familiar tartness or the distinct pungency that the fruit normally hold but it was overall really pleasant in flavour and texture. And for the Earl Grey Chiffon, there was a pronounced yet delicate hit of bergamot. Much fluffier in comparison, the cake was paired with a slightly heavier choice of cream cheese and a surprise layer of orange marmalade. The tangy jam hidden in the center was a very nice touch as it balanced the cream cheese and gave the light sponge a boost in sweetness.

Thus, the next time you’re up for some afternoon tea, get a couple of these pastries at their tea bar to share and rest your feet at their dine-in section with one of the signature brews in hand! And do all that with Bupple Beyond 1-for-1 deals~

Thank you @burpple for the invite and Ziqi from @1872clippertea for being a tea-rrific host!