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Featuring The Refinery, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), NEATO (Burlington Square), The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), Free The Robot Coffee, Angelina, Kane Mochi (Bugis+), The Tiramisu Hero, The Usual Place, Hokkaido Izakaya (Tanjong Pagar)
Vanessa Kou
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Munching my Monday blues away with Burger Buddies’ creamy Mushroom Beef Burger ($14.90)!

Better than a generic mushroom-and-Swiss burger, the chunky mushroom ragout peppered with parsley provided a simple addition to the hearty beef burger. Ideal for mushroom lovers. Topped with cheese and sitting on a layer of arugula, the generous 180g house-made beef patty was thick and juicy, though it could use a little more seasoning. And like the hunk of the patty itself, the pillowy-soft toasted sesame buns seemed perfectly sized, not tipping over too much on the meat-to-bread ratio. To complete the set, each burger and sandwich also comes served with a choice of thick cut fries or Mesclun salad.
Not forgetting it's the last few days to participate in #BurppleBurgerMonth by simplying post a review of a burger on @Burpple and tag 9 of your friends for a chance to win a burger party for 10!

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Caught the limited edition Spring Harvest - Koicha 濃茶 Parfait

With bolder, more potent bitter-earthy flavours than the usual matcha; the airy sweet Hokkaido cream espuma layer really balanced things out.

Would love if the anko was more of a paste texture but I am more than contented with the bites of crispy rice puffs, chewy matcha warabi mochi, and shiratama!

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Traditional Tau Huey > Modern Soya Pudding

There is always time for some old school beancurd.

And believe it or not, it’s my first time at Rochor Original Beancurd, a go-to place for many when they are craving for a tau huay supper in town. With @alhsx advice, we paired the warm silky smooth beancurd with a cup of cold soybean milk - best combination ever.
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Signature Hot Chocolate

The beguiling call of the bed this morning have me craving for a cup of The Signature Patisserie’s hot chocolatey concoction to complete my Snuggle-Home-Saturday.Harmonised and balanced with just the right amount of chocolate to milk ratio, their Signature Hot Chocolate ($8.80) is perhaps reserved for the cocoa lovers (though you might be converted once you get a sip). Rich yet not overly thick, the comforting blend was thoughtfully presented with chocolate pearls at the side to add a nice crunch and more melted chocolate goodness. The decadent, velvety elixir was also not overly fancy and a match made in heaven with their yummy bakes.

Salmon Oyako

Deserving of a better write-up detailing the intricacies of the dish, Inaniwa Yosuke’s Salmon Oyako ($6.80) was uh-mazing! An impressive starter and exquisite side, the seemingly simple description of Salmon Tempura with Ikura on the menu failed to mention the wonderful melty texture of the fish. (Of course, note that I am biased since I really love salmon.) Imagine light and crispy exterior from the thin batter just fried to perfection, coupled with a moist and slightly flaky inside. And pair that with the popping release of briny yet sweet ocean flavour from the ikura, it was so good. The main drawback however, was that on a whole it did feel a tad oily as the natural oil of the salmon came into play as well.

No izakaya night is complete without sake and of course, an array of grilled skewers.

An awesome lineup, each was skillfully grilled over charcoal so expect some lightly charred edges and lovely grill marks. Juicy, moist and wonderfully glistening, my bias would definitely be JINzakaya’s tender Gyu Karubi - Beef Short Rib ($10) off the newly expanded Kushi (charcoal-grilled skewers) menu. The Hotate - Scallop ($6) wrapped in bacon was really good too, the perfect marriage of textures and flavours. Sweet and savoury. And having the fragrance imparted from the grill, the meats have all their moisture locked in with just simple seasoning (cause it will be such a waste to use crazy spices or sauces) to enhance the experience. So tantalize your tastebuds and have a fun after-work drink with their more premium offerings of Angus Beef, melt-in-your-mouth Foie Gras and Amberjack. You will also find the usuals like chicken thigh, chicken skin, pork belly, quail egg, chicken cartilage as well as chicken and leeks which they execute remarkably.

Many thanks to @JINzakaya, Yizhen and Merissa of Les Amis Group for hosting, and @Burpple for the invitation!

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Crazy For Cendol

Our family’s go-to place for some authentic kick-ass cendol at my neighbourhood, Cendol Melaka’s version isn’t cloying rich yet still as sinful. The perfect sweet ending to any meal, their’s come highly customizable with different combinations for the toppings (red bean, corn, glutinous rice and durian puree). The classics go for under $2 but addition of ice cubes and shaved ice are chargeable for an additional 20cents and 30cents respectively. And with just the three basic components - coconut milk, gula melaka and pandan flavoured vermiform noodle (cendol), the simple dessert can be enjoyed in any weather. Sweet and slightly salty, I love mine with a mound of red bean paste; the thick gula melaka with its complex sweetness is so shiok when accompanied by the punch of lingering pandan fragrance from the slippery-smooth cendol strands. The coconut milk was also refreshing and thirst-quenching which is balanced by the natural caramelised flavour of the liquid palm sugar.


Warm soup for rainy days

Oh no early morning showers calls for a warm, steaming hot stew to comfort the soul. And with the latest outlet at Westgate, I can now enjoy Masizzim’s signature stews nearer to my home (rejoice westies). Hitting the right spot, my non-spicy Beef Rib Stew ($18.80/single portion, $32.80/double portion) was a umami blend with a great depth of flavour. Slow-cooked for 6 hours, it was also no wonder that the well-marinated beef chunks were so incredibly soft and tender. The noodles and toppoki in the mix were also able to soak up all the stunning sweetness of the savoury soy stew.

Cha Cha Pop

Down to probably their last dozen, Matchaya’s dual-coloured Magnum lookalike will soon be phasing out.

With its distinct green and black crunchy exterior, it might be my first and last time having this. Just imagine biting into the houjicha feuilletine and matcha dip shell which breaks to reveal the classic bittersweet matcha ice cream and red bean layer within! Cha Cha Pop ($8), you will be missed.

So grab the last few pieces at both outlets before they are gone! And lookout for new offerings!

Lunch is settled with Ah Bong’s Italian affordable weekday lunch sets.

A penne saved is a penne earned but they sure didn’t scrimp on flavour for their Poor Man’s Truffle Pasta. Served with a generous serving of mushrooms pesto chicken and enhanced with chilli and wine, it had a great earthy aroma (though still nothing like truffle). My lunch companion’s Haebi Aglio Olio was simple and good too with the surprising choice of dou miao in the mix of dried shrimps and wine. And as expected the pastas were well-executed with a firm al-dente texture. To add to the value, you can’t skip dessert and I really love their brownie with that sprinkle of sea salt to boost the sweet-salty-chocolatey combination.