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Though soaking a little through the bottom, it was certainly more firm and textured than the usual fluffy-soft counterparts. The generous golden lava was also nicely balanced with the thin crusty exterior. And of course, the customary shot as its always a sight the moment you burst open the bao to reveal the eagerly oozy molten custard!

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The star being the thinly battered chicken simmering in the stew - tender and juicy.

Huge in portion and great for sharing, the seasoned and simmered chicken dish was not just red-hot but pleasantlysavoury and mildly sweet with the mix of BBQ sauces; giving it a somewhat complex flavour that was both potentially addictive and comforting if my tastebuds could handle that amount of spice. Not numbing but certainly lingering, the slow yet fiery kick should come with a warning as what was causing the burning was the addition of sliced red chillies and capsaicin sauce.

However, there was no stopping us, as we got to the bottom we noticed that the usual translucent glass noodles used was modified with Korean wheat noodles in their rendition. With more bite to it, the noodles manage to soak up all the goodness, reminding @okwhotookmyusername of the infamous Samyang Spicy Korean Noodle. Too shiok to handle, it would be perfect with a bowl of hot steamed rice and I guess I will stick to the non-spicy version for my next visit.

Many thanks to @chirchirsg and @sixthsensepr for feeding us, and @burpple for the invitation!

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Though a pretty medley of juicy fresh blueberries piled neatly upon one another, layered with light non-diary whipped cream, sweet flavoured slushie and a shower of icing sugar; Cafe de Paris’ Blueberry BonBon was a little hard to swallow with the price set at $17.80 a cup. Hence, sharing might be the answer. The portion luckily was pretty substantial for the cost (good for 2-3 persons). And like a mega-sized parfait, the generous cup was the perfect ending to a meal and a feast for the eyes.

*Do note that the availability of their Fresh Fruit Bon Bons are dependent on the seasons.

Be one with the sugar rush at @Marinasquaresg's Whimsical Food Fair, the 5-day event (15 - 19 Nov) at Level 2 Central Atrium will see about 13 food kiosks serving up more than 50 types of colourful, creative, and some over-the-top offerings! Hence bidding farewell to your diet, greet the cosmo with @boufesg #CreatingCosmos Milky Way Cake and get your hands dirty glazing the white chocolate yogurt mousse with tangy calamansi jelly cake.

Afterwhich continue your streak with roasted gourmet marshmallows and ice cream s'mores from, handmade character macaroons from Angel Baker, cute cake pops from @shaunteocreations, Seoul Garden’s SingSoo (Singapore Ice Kachang x Korean Bingsoo) as well as the next level ‘Gram-worthy @rainbow_works_ Starlite Milkshake.

Then combat the sugar high with savouries; get the Rainbow Tamagoyaki by Wa!Tamago - a ham-centered egg roll with toppings like toasted seaweed, bonito flakes and crispy chicken glass to choose from, @seoulgardensingapore’s Korean Gimbap, as well as @tingkatpm's Mee Siam, Laksa and Assam Laksa.

And amidst all the eating, look out for their Instagram Contest where you can win yourself Megafash vouchers! Simply purchase a rainbow, unicorn or cosmo-inspired item from the fair and create a fun video of your colourful purchase by using Instagram Story’s latest “Stop Motion” feature. Save your video, upload to your Instagram (set to public) and hashtag #MSQeats #StopDropRainbow. Five most creative submissions will win $50 Megafash vouchers each. Contest ends on 19 November 2359h.

Many thanks to @Burpple for the invite!

For dessert, the Sky 22 Bubur Cha-Cha Cup ($12) was the icing on the cake. A familiar favourite, their rendition that is available off their a la carte menu comes with sweet potato, yam, smooth pandan jelly, tender sago pearls and a scoop of lightly sweetened coconut ice cream topped with crunchy yam chips. Yums!

Thank you @bitessg & @Courtyardsingapore!

Hands down the most decadent Dashimaki Tamago I have ever tasted, Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi’s signature tamago is definitely a must-order. Soft yet firm, the layered block first arrives without any sauce and seeing just the lovely specks of truffles seasoned between the rolls was almost enough. Then the server pours over a generous amount of thick steaming sauce straight into the pan, which really gave the dish an extra oomph with the sweetness of crustaceans in the mix. Hence, highly recommended from one egg lover to another, I really enjoyed the deep aromatic flavours of the earthy truffles, savoury dashi-soy sauce, and sweet omelette. The Special Truffles Dashi Maki Tamago ($15) also had a really luxe mouthfeel with the shreds of crabmeat in their Club Japanese Sauce

Not just skewered toward meat lovers, Yakitori Uma’s Ren-kon (Deep-fried Lotus root) and Tamafura (Fried Onion) comes highly recommended by many of Burpple Tastemakers and now after trying, I too would suggest ordering both ($4.90/each). Super crunchy and very addictive, the thinly battered lotus root was my favourite. Because fried to perfection, the crisp-fibrous texture really stood out for me whereas the usual starchiness and slight stickiness of the lotus root that most dislike were less prominent. The Tamafura too, were well-executed. Sweet, juicy and fried to a lovely golden-brown; the drool-inducing panko coating was a great contrast to the soft interior. Simple and satisfying! But dip with caution, as the mustard sauce was pretty potent. Not wanting to mask the natural flavours of the ingredient, I would skip the dips.

The latest and perhaps one of the last #autumninmatchaya flavours (at least for the year), the cheery yellow swirls were amazeballs. Combining sweet Japanese Pumpkin (Kabocha) with mitarashi sauce and crunchy pumpkin seeds; the salty-sweet seasonal pairing is the best one yet (but of course I am biased since I adore pumpkin). So guuud! With just a drizzle of their potent mitarashi sauce, the house-made sauce really brought out the light and delicate nuttiness. Yums, can’t wait for it to be back and as always looking forward to the winter seasonal flavours!

Upgrade your usual weekend brunch with Nassim Hill’s Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles ($19). Think savoury waffles with cheese and bacon bits baked in with the sweet batter. A cheesy carbalicious delight with crusty, slightly charred edges and a fool-proof salty-sweet combination. The plate also has a side of bacon, because who says no to more bacon and a saucer of chive sour cream to balance the heavier flavours. However, thinly crisp all the way through, it might come off quite dry so I made things better with an extra portion of soft scrambled eggs.

Double Iced Cappuccino, Cafe Latte & Matcha Latte

Unfortunately nothing to shout about, my Matcha Latte from Omotesando was a tad too milky and lacked the distinctive bitter-sweetness of quality matcha. But ultimately the smooth concoction was worth a try to see what the hype was for.

Making the best out of my long journeys to the east, you will always see me back at Birds of Paradise if I am in the area and sticking to my favourites - White Chrysanthemum and Raspberry & Lychee!

Still diggin’ the floral murals and shades of pale pastel scoops served in freshly made thyme-infused cones or in this case recyclable cardboard cups as they have just ran out of cones that day. Distinct floral fragrance of grassy chrysanthemum together with crunchy cacao nibs (cocoa beans), an unlikely pairing that just works with a well mix of milkiness to tie the flavours. And double the treat with the classic fruity combination of zingy raspberries and sweet lychee.

With just two main items on the menu, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei (woooo what a mouthful), as their name suggest, specialises in juicy Japanese hamburg steak. Skipping the regular Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Set for their diet-destroying triple cheese version ($20.80), the patty was stuffed with a savoury blend of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. Warm and gooey, the familiar mix of cheese paired perfectly with the moist as well as sweet onion minced patty. And each sizzling hot plate was also accompanied by a crisp Ebi Furai, Tofu with Bonito Flakes, Fried Beancurd (Aburaage), a pitcher for the sauce of your choice (Keisuke Original Sauce) and small bed of beansprouts.

Oozy molten cheese core aside, the spread of osozai (Japanese side dishes) was a hit. Cutting a bit of the richness, the salad bar had a good array of vegetables, dressings, some fresh fruits and carb-based cold salads. And no stopping me from multiple serving of eggs be it deep fried, boiled, sunny side-up, scrambled, half-boiled, or Japanese omelette style. But of course for dessert, you can’t miss their light coffee jelly that is to be served with a sweetened cream.