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Featuring The Refinery, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), Free The Robot Coffee, NEATO (Burlington Square), Kane Mochi (Bugis+), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), The Usual Place, Kampung Bowl Corner Burger
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou
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You simply can't miss Spago's signature Big Eye Tuna Tartare Cones. Truly a show stealer, the briny masago cubes worked wondrously with the tantalizing touch of wasabi, soy and chili aioli. Then topped with shaved bonito and scallions, the meekly spicy filling was also given a fragrant umami boost.

However, deserving a post to detail all its deliciousness, my favourite component was none other than the Sesame Miso Cone. Loaded with ingredients, the crisp sesame-studded cone was amazing. And by tying all the elements together, the cone served to counters a bit of that heat with its caramel-like sweetness and offered a nice texture! Just so guuuud!

Thus, available on a la carte menu (3 cones) or as part of their Express Prix Fixe Menu (come in a pair), this impressive hand-held starter is a must-order.

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Sticking to the well-loved staples at The GOGI, I finally got to curb my cravings for KBBQ - Filling my belly up with Pork Belly, Prime Beef Ribs, Seasoned Chicken, Cream Cone and Doenjang Jjigae (surprisingly good).

Yet another favourite at the tasting, Nipong Naepong's only dry variation- Tae Ppong ($15.80) was pretty addictive and a nice change from the rest of the more saucy noodles.

Plated with assorted seafood and sweet crunchy cabbage, you can certainly taste the Thai influences with the tantalizing sweet and spicy sauce. Well-fried, you also get a great wok-hei with subtle hint of spice. And with this rendition, you don't get too distracted by the sauces and can better enjoy the chewy al dente texture of the Jjolmyeon strands.

Oh and for large groups and big eaters, fret not. While the portions are substantial and made for sharing, groups should definitely cash in on the deal and opt for their sets which bundle any choice of two ppong with one pizza and a jug of ade ($50.80 for 500ml/ $54.80 for 1 litre).

Thank you Burpple for the invite, Rachel for hosting us and Nipong Naepong for feeding us!

Thinking of spending the afternoon people-watching with steaming cup of tea in hand and a lovely slice of Lemon Glaze Butter Cake - all soft, moist and fluffy with a tinge of zest from the light sugar glaze.

Mad love for the classy caramelized croissant, Artichoke has managed to make one of my favourite tea-time companions even better with a fragrant blanket of Baklava Frangipane. Baked daily in small batches, the fresh Baklava Croissants ($7) were a yummehhh nutty dream! Coated over the crusted classic French butter croissant, the shiny gloss from the Orange Blossom Honey glaze did wonders too! Though you may not get the all familiar crisp and flakiness, the buttery whiff of the laminated layers and the tad sticky finish from the honey makes for an infallible combination. Sweet yet not cloying, the chopped nuts (pistachio, almonds, and sunflower seeds) offered nice bits of crunch to the pastry as well.

Enticing us with a revamped concept, Sky 22 at Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena has just introduced a new Semi-buffet menu featuring a simple selection of mains with an appetizer and dessert buffet. Made available during weekday lunch (12pm to 2.30pm) at $22++/pax and dinner Sunday to Thursday (6pm to 10pm) at $30++/pax; the mains will be rotated weekly. The refreshed menu will however, stay true to their offerings of locally-inspired and western fare such as last week's Char Siew Barbeque Ribs and Local Beer Battered Halibut.

Well-executed, the familiar sweet-savoury spiced glaze of the ribs provided an interesting twist from the usual country-style variants. The sesame-studded ribs were also nicely marinated and not as sticky or cloying. Served with a side of salted egg fries, the meat was both fork-tender and succulent.

So keep your eyes peeled for the new menu this week - updated on their website. And of course at every buffet you can stuff yourself silly by helping yourself to unlimited servings of their freshly baked breads, salad and DESSERT!

This was a hosted meal*

Coming after a range of ramen concepts, Keisuke Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime is Singapore's first dedicated duck ramen restaurant. Located in the heart of Holland Village, the speciality store features specific Irish-bred ducks noted for their fat content and juicy flesh. Thus, trying it for myself, I got the Hybrid Duck Broth Ramen (Clear Soup) with Flavoured Egg $16.90.

Enveloped in a warm, comforting umami-filled embrace, the bowl was perfectly harmonized with the essence of the duck. Fairly light on the palette, the shoyu-based soup was surprisingly refreshing. Though I am not a fan of the ramen broth in general and never once finished the entire serving, the clear stock was very "drinkable" and well-balanced (that before I knew it I had already drank a copious amount) - not bland like some or overly intense and cloying like those thick broths.

Grilled, marinated then steamed; the unconventional choice of protein was, of course, the star of the show. Tender and flavourful, the premium Irish hybrid duck had a lovely hue and sliced to just about the right thickness for that juice-filled bite. The thin noodles were also well-executed.

Perfect for those Treat-Yourself-Fridays, Horizon Bistronomy's Pasta/Risotto Lunch Set offers a choice of starter and iced tea alongside their carb-centered mains. A steal of a deal really, I was entice by their selection of risottos and was glad that I gave their Seafood Risotto (Ala carte: $20++/ Lunch set $17.90++) a go. Presented with plump mussels, a chunk of fish (salmon), grilled prawns, a bed of vibrant saffron risotto and a good dose of parmesan shaving on top; the dish was simply delightful. The addition of lobster oil also reminded me of a light lobster bisque risotto and the creamy overtone of the grains was able to highlight the sweetness of the crustaceans. However, there can be a considerable waiting time for your food. 

You may easily brush-off this item on their menu a being one of those boring vegetarian options but Uncle Ho's Tuckshop does a simple yet delish Spring Onion Omelette Banh Mi ($7.90). Cradled nicely between the homemade crusty-soft baguette, the golden folds were fragrant and nicely seasoned. And much like a Vietnamese-style eggs on toast, the combination also makes for a quick breakfast perk-me-up with crunchy vegetables and tangy pickles stuffed within. Drizzled with a little Sriracha sauce, the bundle includes a slow, tantalizing tongue-numbing heat too (of course more so for me, due the fact that I can't handle spice).

Well when it’s not pouring, the sun is blazing down on us… But perfect for any weather and occasion, BOP’s signature thyme-infused cone is a must each time I am in the area. And this time with a scoop of Pandan ($4.70 + $1/cone) in hand. Both smooth and fragrant, the flavour was refreshingly light and held a somewhat clean coconuty sweetness. However, it does leave a slight bitter aftertaste so i think pairing it with the other floral flavours would be a good way to balance that out.

The foul weather really put a damper on my plans yesterday. But all was good as I was able to secure a stash of Brotherbird Milk & Croissants' delectable baked goods!

Spending the day away with a box of assorted mochi croissants and cruffins at the comforts of my own home; the two croissant-muffin hybrids were easy favourites. Crusty, chewy, flaky and absolutely toothsome, the oriental element of the Chrysanthemum Tea Mochi Cruffin ($4) worked surprisingly well with the pastry. A taste of spring, the cream was both flowery and refreshing with the right balance of sweetness. Rolled in sugar, the smooth filling was light yet managed to shine with the vibrant tea flavour. And for something a bit more tangy… filled with lemon cheesecake cream, the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Mochi Cruffin ($4) tasted simply exceptional. The small dollop of lemon curd and soft torched meringue also added a nice touch to the slightly tart, custard-like cheesecake cream.

The more premium of the four, the Kinder Bueno Twice-Baked Mochi Croissant ($5) incites just as much joy as the childhood wafer bar using the foolproof combination of praline cream and chocolate. Nutty and chocolatey, the pastry had a great play of textures too with the thin white chocolate shards and crunchy hazelnuts. And for those who enjoy a classic butter croissant, the Original Mochi Croissant ($3) offers a pleasant twist to the French viennoiserie with a tad more springy and chewy bite in the middle accompanied by the familiar buttery fragrance

Delicate soft pink swirls with a milky base flavour escorted by distinct yet subtle floral notes and topped with crunchy strawberries rondies that offered a nice fruity touch. ($6.90)