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Featuring The Refinery, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), Free The Robot Coffee, NEATO (Burlington Square), Kane Mochi (Bugis+), Angelina, The Tiramisu Hero, The Usual Place, Jurong West 505 Market & Food Centre
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Not having to travel down to Sydney for the well-known Strawberry Watermelon Cake by Black Star Pastry, I am very glad that my dad convinced me to purchase a slice. Light, fragrant and utterly refreshing, the cake was truly a masterpiece. Though skeptical at first as I have tried others inspired by this very cake, the layers of softly crumbed almond dacquoise was amazing and couple that with the juicy-crisp watermelon in between was just perfect. Nutty and sweet, the rose-scented cream did not overwhelm the elements but instead enhanced the whole experience for me. Glazed and topped with fresh strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals; the berries also offered a tinge of tartness to the fresh floral number.


Hustle Co’s Salmon Rosti ($23) features a succulent pan-seared salmon slab on a perfectly crisp golden-brown grated potato fritter, topped with salty popping roe and generous dollops of dill crème fraiche.

Crunchy and creamy, there was a nice balance of texture as well as flavour - with bits of briny pops and refreshing dill crème fraiche to offset a bit of that greasiness from the rosti. A guaranteed crowd pleaser and great item to share for brunch.

The ideal tummy-warming soup for the recent afternoon showers, Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle’s Fish Maw Soup Noodles ($10) didn’t disappoint at all. Sending me to umami heaven with a single sip, the incredible stock was robust, savoury and layered with an amazing sweetness. And be prepared to brave the constant slow-moving queue, as ours took a good half-hour wait on a weekend morning but was rewarded with a well-simmered and well-executed bowl at the end of it! Derived from boiling a chock-full of ingredients, the full-bodied broth also contained a generous amount of sliced lean meat, minced meat, liver, braised mushrooms, and the star of the show - tender fish maw. Yum!


There's nothing quite like having a warm, creamy-smooth cup of Matcha Latte ($5) in a quiet cafe hiding from the rain.

It was a little on the sweeter side, but the evident fragrance from the bittersweet matcha powder and the combination of milk was 💯!

Complete with wooden furnishing, rustic cast iron stoves, classic earthenware and charming woodfire ovens as centerpieces; Firebake has definitely brought out my love for a variety of artisanal sourdoughs. And for all you bread lovers out there, I would recommend getting yourself the Firebake Breadboard ($10) to start and sample.

Choosing between 4 slices of organic sourdough bread or sourdough butter brioche, my favourite was surprisingly The Valley - Sourdough Fruit Loaf because I usually stay away from those horrid Christmas fruit loaves. However, sweet and satisfying, their rendition was nicely balanced and even better toasted for that added smoky flavour. Love the generous helping of plump dried fruits! And coming a close second was The Wave - white, with its fluffier and chewier texture. Served with 2 spreads, I opted for a tangy-sweet Raspberry & Hibiscus Flower Jam instead of the crowd favourite Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a slab of Norwegian Butter on the side to sweeten my morning. Denser yet just as tasty, the Wholemeal and Rye were also full of flavour and went superbly with the spreads.

So for more caramelisation, aroma and crisp, you can certainly request to have them all toasted but I personally enjoyed them as they are.

Having only tried Mee Sua Kueh from the other Dim Sum eatery along the road, Dim Sum Haus’ rendition was much more to my liking. Not to be missed, the Crispy Mee Sua Kueh with Chinese Sausage (3 pcs, $3.60) was fried to perfection and didn’t leave a greasy aftertaste. The blocks were also evenly crisp on all edges and remained nicely moist on the inside complete with fragrant bits of sausage and dried shrimps.

A big thank you to @burpple for the invite, @dimsumhaus57jlnbesar for feeding us and Geraldine from PR Salon for the wonderful hospitality!

Just sweet, eggy choux pastry studded with crunchy sugar nibs ($3/ 10 pieces), Do.Main Bakery’s Chouquettes were so addictive - I couldn’t stop at one! Even without any filling, the airy and tender puffs were great on their own and a perfect afternoon pick-me-up with simply the right amount of sweetness to pair with a cuppa tea.

Pairing the addictive shrimp dip from the appetizer - Rice Crackers & Cucumber with Caramelised Pork & Dried Shrimp Dip ($6.90)with the traditional street snack for maximum pleasure, the woven rice vermicelli noodle wraps were a little plain on their own but came alive with the sauce. Nicely seasoned, the bits of chopped scallions and garlic atop the meat also added a great flavour. However, folding the crispy pork belly in with the side vegetables made the wrap quite a mouthful so no tiny bites.

Thank you @pho_street for the warm hospitality, Geraldine from PR Salon for hosting us and @Burpple for the kind invite!

Delicate, velvety and smooth, Chen Shun Mei/ Tan Soon Mui (陈顺美) definitely did not disappoint. Capturing the old school flavours in traditional blue porcelain bowls, this seemingly simple $1 beancurd was spot on. Gliding down the throat with little to no effort, the amount of syrup added to the silky curds was also just right - not too sweet but enhanced the fragrance and the whole experience. A true gem in Serangoon Garden Market and Food Centre. #Cheapandgood


If you ever wanted to combine Japanese beauty pots and Korean army stews, Jjigae Jjigae’s Beauty Collagen Jjigae is just the thing. Located at Raffles Xchange, their menu is catered to the more health conscious and encourages everyday communal dining (perfect for long Friday lunches *wink wink*). Perhaps a good alternative to your usual Budae-jjigae weeknight feasting too.

So to start, you can pick from three base flavours (Yuzu Salt, Doenjang and Kimchi Gochujang) and four main meat selection (Pork, Beef, Seafood and a combination of Pork & Beef). Having tried a couple of the flavours, the unanimous favourite was the Yuzu Salt Collagen base paired with an assortment of seafood and ingredients ($16.90/ 1 pax, $28.90/ 2 pax) - sliced mullet fish, octopus, prawns, black mussels, white clams, cheddar cheese, cheese tofu, cheese cocktail sausages, napa cabbage, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, white onions, leeks, tau kwa, rice cakes, baked beans, kimchi, sweet potato noodles and of course, Beauty Collagen Stock. Light yet thick, the harmonious blend is intentionally kept so by adding just a small amount of stock each time so that the stew can thicken. Hence, each spoonful is collagen-rich and completed with the hint of yuzu!

*This was a hosted meal

After two not-so-successful attempts at visiting this popular brunch spot along Guillemard Road, I finally got down to trying the mains. Thus I couldn’t avoid the customary order of Brawn & Brains Oven Baked Molten Eggs with a side of Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Melted Cheese ($16.80).

Certainly an eggcellent start to the day! Comforting and a foolproof brunch item, you just can’t go wrong with a generous soft cheesy blanket over runny oozy eggs and smoked salmon added in the mix. What’s more having a good balance of greens with spinach and millennials’ favourite - avocado. Meant to be shared, portion is also substantial and made hearty.

Matchaya’s Seasonal Double (x2) Kinako Kuromitsu Kakigori is my new love (so guud i tell you)! A mighty heap of Japanese shaved ice capped with a thick handmade Kinako cream sauce, Kinako powder, and if that wasn’t enough an extra dose from Tom’s Palette’s Kinako Kuromitsu ice cream layered in between. Be still my heart!

Made with rich roasted soy bean and Japanese brown sugar from Okinawa; the gelato flavour sees the result of a wonderful collaboration between the two dessert parlours. Just a roasty fragrant nutty goodness, the texture was also divine with bits of chewy brown sugar jelly embedded within the treat. Nicely balanced, the ice was not overly sweet and can certainly afford to drizzle more Kuromitsu syrup that is served along side.

Only available in their Cathay outlet till 17th September, be sure to order this limited edition item especially the kinako fans and bring a friend to wipe up everything!