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Featuring Fynn's, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Portico Host (Alexandra), Churro 101 (Bugis+), The Disgruntled Chef (Dempsey), The Usual Place, Kampung Bowl Corner Burger, Sweet Monster (Plaza Singapura), Waan Cha (Novena Regency), LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction)
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou
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Surfing the Korean wave with their newly launched lineup, Sky22’s Korean Fare Buffet is helmed by their Junior Sous Chef from Daegu - Hwang In Yong. Available on Saturdays, Sundays (except on Easter weekend) and for dinner on Fridays till 28th April, the spread is priced reasonably at $56++/ adult and $28++/ child.

Though Korean BBQ often comes to mind when you think of Korean buffets, the extensive selections at Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena features Korean Classics on rotation. Think Braised Kimchi Pork Ribs, Seafood Pancake and House-made Kimchi. And not forgetting their D.I.Y Bibim Bar with an array of over 20 ingredients to customize your perfect bowl of Bibimbap as well as a Steam & Grill Seafood Bar to get your money's worth.

My favourite out of those that we tried was their Galbi Jjim (Braised Beef Short Ribs). Prepared using Chef In Yong’s mother home-recipe, the sweet yet savoury dish was well-executed with the tender and juicy chunks of beef short ribs. The saucy item would go wonderfully with a steaming bowl of white rice. A close second, the heat offered by the Sundubu Jjigae (Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup) was the ideal rainy day comfort food. Flavourful and almost addictively spicy, the sweetness of the seafood was distinct and paired nicely with the smooth curds. But of course, to end the meal on a high note, I would recommend the Hotteok. The warm Korean sweet pancake was a crisp, cinnamony dream.

Thank you @courtyardsingapore for the warm hospitality!

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One for the nutty pistachio lovers, Aqua S Pistachio Softserve is back till 31st March!


From their well-stocked crustacean bar to much-loved local delights like laksa, iconic Thai favourites such as Tom Yum and fancy choice bites that include Beef Striploin at the Western station; The Shangri-La Hotel's signature all-day dining buffet restaurant is the real deal.

And if those doesn’t make you salivate, turning up the heat with the 2-weeks special Sizzling Sichuan. Prepared by Sichuan specialty guest chef Rick Du, the menu which is available till next week (23 March) sees a line-up of lip numbing dishes. A unanimous hit at the table was the 口水鸡 (Sichuan chicken in chili oil sauce). Extremely tender and smooth, the flavour was surprisingly light (chef did say he toned down the spices for our Singaporean palate). Not too spicy despite the intimidating pool of chili oil. The crunch and sweetness from the nuts sprinkled atop was also a very nice touch. Of course, expect Sichuan Mala Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Fried Peppercorn Pork and more at The Line.

Thank you @shangrilasg for feeding us!


Though a tad too milky for me, the drink was pretty decent. The space was also great to pass time and to enjoy some light bites.


A new initiative to boost the culture-rich neighbourhood, group dining is now possible at Kampong Glam with the digital facelift backed by IMDA and the Singapore Tourism Board. Communal Dining at Kampong Glam provides a fresh dining experience where one can prebook their table at one restaurant and preorder their meals from the other participating merchants via @CommunalDiningKG mobile app or Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Be it Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or Malay, there is something for everyone on the curated menu and prices are discounted when ordering through the application. One of my favourites during the Burpple Eatup was Derwish Turkish’s Patlican Musakka ($15/ $24 usual price); a dish made with lamb, eggplant, potato, green pepper, tomato and cheese. The item was hearty and flavourful though the richness of the cheese might be too much for one person to finish by themselves. Good for sharing, the classic stew also came with rice and flatbread.


Tucked in the quaint Jurong East neighbourhood, Lee’s Confectionery is certainly a welcomed addition to the area. Decked in minimalist white walls, the patisserie delivers a small selection of dainty French pastries. And one that caught my eye at the display was Dale ($8).

A lovely number; the dessert was plated on the spot with layers of matcha sponge, matcha ganache, passionfruit jam, pailleté feuilletine crumble and dust of matcha powder. The pop of colour and tanginess from the jam hidden within, was very enjoyable as it seemed to have brought out the earthiness of the bittersweet matcha. What’s more, the plate held a good mix of textures with the crispy crumble, soft sponge and smooth ganache!


And my favourite snack of the moment is none other than Aroma Truffle & Co.’s Original Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips ($10). Bingeing on a pack way too quickly, I found the earthy artisanal gourmet chips to be intensely aromatic yet not too rich in taste (a good thing as you can still detect the natural flavours of the chips). Texture-wise, the crinkle-cut treats generously seasoned with bits of real truffle, also passed the crunch test as the thickness was just right. Say yes to atas-ness~


Glazed with their house-made barbeque sauce, The Stamford Brasserie’s BBQ Pork Ribs ($25) were pretty well-executed. More sweet than sourish, the sauce wasn’t overly cloying. As for the meat, it fell off the bone without much effort and wasn’t too lean or fatty. Cushioned on leafy salad greens, the ribs were also served with chunky baked potatoes wedges - making it a nicely balanced and substantial lunch option. And all that made even better with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal!


Served with chewy, springy and thick udon-like noodles; Menya Kokoro’s Tokyo Maze-Soba ($10.80/ regular) was a delightful medley of textures. Thrown together with a field of greens (seaweed, spring onions, chives), were also minced meat, ground saba fish, bamboo shoots, chopped garlic and a perfect poached egg. Yet the abundance of the toppings didn’t seem to overwhelm one another. The spiced meat sauce itself, was pretty rich. Hence, the vinegar provided at every table was a very welcome addition to the already complex combination. Giving them all a good toss before digging in, I thought that the noodles were able to hold much of the flavours as well. I particularly enjoyed the blend of savouriness from the ingredients and slight tang from the sprinkle of vinegar I added - cutting the heaviness of the dish.


Setting my sights on Hvala’s matcha icecream with varied intensities from the get-go, I finally got down to trying one from the series. Having their Matcha°2 ($6.10), it was distinctively rich with a good dose of umami and bitterness. Dense, the ice cream also held up pretty well in the weather and the texture gave the treat a very decadent mouthfeel. Flavourwise, matcha lovers looking for more astringency can definitely go one level up.


Be sure to bag some cruffins home as the croissant-muffin hybrid at Bakery Brera is undoubtedly one of their best sellers. Calling in advance to reserve all four available flavours (Peanut Butter, Caramel, Lemon Curd & Kaya), I was warned that they usually flew off the shelves before noon.

At $4.50 a whirl, the buttery and flaky outer shell was my favourite part, only next to the generous smooth fillings. Torn between the lusciously rich peanut butter and tangy-sweet lemon curd, I was glad to find that there were just enough of both piped into the airy centre as I dug excitedly into each pastry. The baked dough was also surprisingly light and dusted with just the right amount of sugar that it didn’t create too much of a mess. Not my first cruffin, this golden rendition from Bakery Brera, nestled in the quaint estate of Empress Mall, will be something I constantly dream about.


Many shops selling milk and fruit teas are popping up across the island, but YiFang Tea (一芳台灣水果茶) sets themselves apart with their aesthetics and customizable ice level in my opinion. Serving a variety of no-frills thirst quenchers, the popular Taiwanese franchise located at Orchard Gateway, is ideal for fruit lovers. Having the signature Yifang Fruit Tea sugar-free with less ice ($6.50/Large), the sweet-tangy medley of tropical fruits was certainly refreshing and great for the hot weather we are currently experiencing. And if that is not your thing, the Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte ($6.30/Large) was sufficiently good albeit on the sweeter side and weak on tea fragrance. I particularly enjoyed the soft and moderately chewy pearls that held a strong caramel-like note.


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