If you are looking for some quality buffet, I think @tunglokgroup 's dim sum lunch buffet might tick your checkboxes! The lunch buffet is priced quite affordably at $43.80++, considering the fact that a portion of chilli crabs is served with the unlimited portions of zichar dishes and dim sum you can order. Here are some of my favourite dishes:

Chilli Crabs - the crabs given were pretty huge and meaty, and the sauce was just fantastic 😍 there was loads of egg within and it was sweet and savoury enough! Best paired with their mantou hoho

Salmon Sashimi - the buffet includes free flow salmon sashimi too! It's fresh but not the best. It was rather fatty and still decent.

Char Siu Puff - this was so addictive 😍 the puff pastry was very flaky, and I just loved the savoury char siu within. There was no pork odour and the sauce just complemented the pork floss on top so well.

Char Siu Bao - this is a classic dim sum done well. The char siu, as mentioned earlier, was flavourful and I loved the sweet fluffy dough that is hard to replicate. Meat to bun ratio was just right!

Now this is a place good enough to bring your family for a meal or a celebration 😍

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