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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Live Seafood Market is quite a new establishment by The Three Peacocks, a popular seafood bbq restaurant, and we were quite impressed with their food quality and selections! We went there for lunch and it was just $33.80++ per person.

There were quite a few favourites among the plethora of food options, especially the grilled food, sashimi and sushi items! The grilled chicken was really smokey, tender and flavourful. Their yakitori sticks were so succulent, tender and very well marinated that I had to get many more of them. Their Mentaiko Tamagoyaki is a must try too, as the mentaiko sauce has such a strong flavour as they definitely put in alot of the mentaiko😍

As for their sashimi, they were in relatively thick slices and they were fresh 😍 Love their nigiri sushi options too, especially the salmon sushi as the fish to rice ratio is just nice, and the flavoured rice was really tasty.

There were just too many food items that we like to mention, but in conclusion, we felt like it was really value for money for the quality. Great for family celebrations!

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Finally went to a buffet with my family for a celebration, and we found this place not too bad!

The Weekday Lunch Buffet was $68 and there was a 1 for 1 promotion for UOB cards. I wouldn't say the variety is the best, but they did cover quite a few cuisines! The seafood was fresh, the salmon sashimi was fatty (though I didn't like the octopus and tuna sashimi) and our favourite was the grilled section! The grilled fish, pork belly and satay were so tender, smoky and flavourful 😻 I was so addicted to them I took second and third helpings of them!

Desserts wise there is quite a variety, and I enjoyed the durian penget and chocolate pudding the most! The chocolate pudding was so rich and chocolatey!

Though most food are not mind blowingly good, the spread is pretty worth at the promotional price. Wouldn't mind coming back again with the promotion!

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For army stew lovers, this is one buffet you will enjoy. At $25.90 (30% off with #burpplebeyond) you can a pretty good range of street food ingredients like tteokbokki, odeng and of course ramyeon 😍 there are meat ingredients like pork belly and prawns and we loved the prawns so much as they were so fresh! The broth is abit too sweet for my liking though! For cooked food they include fried chicken and mandu, which were so crispy and juicy, and they pair so well with their garlicky sauce! Their service is very good as well, definitely recommend if you love your Korean hotpot!

Hyang Yeon's Premium Buffet ($42) entitles you to a huge plethora of food dishes, including different cuts of meats, stews and appetisers. To start of, the small dishes or panchan that came had a huge variety and they were all so good! The appetisers that we chose, steamed egg and seafood pancake were very freshly made as well, especially the pancake as it was crispy on the outside 🥺. I honestly think its one of the best I've had!

The meats were very fresh as well, and we especially love the pork belly, marinated pork belly and beef short rib. All were so juicy, sweet and delicious! Though we only can get a portion of beef each for the normal premium buffet, it's good enough because there's so much food and we ordered only a portion for all meats. The stew was very comforting as well!

Long story short, all are fresh and delicious and will be back again for their ala carte dishes!

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Here first time for their mookata buffet ($22.80) and ended with a happy belly. The meats used are pretty fresh and well seasoned, my personal favourite is the pork belly because its just so juicy and tender with the char. I think it's pretty cheap and there's no GST and service charge as well!

One thing I appreciate from Sukiya's outlet at Vivocity is that the seating area is HUGE, giving you loads of space to place the food ingredients you will have 😍 The ingredients themselves are all pretty fresh as well. Service is pretty darn good here as well! Perhaps the flaw was that the soup base was just alright, nothing fancy. With the 30% discount from burpple beyond, it cost about $25.75 all-in per pax, including the free flow drinks and ice cream.


Don Dae Bak uses charcoal to grill the meats, and some were pretty good! The pork belly slices are fresh not frozen, and the quality is actually pretty decent. The weekday buffet goes for $27.90 per pax and one of the best part is actually the free flow omelette that you can get and with the grill, it is possible to make it soft and fluffy 😍 most decent Korean BBQ places tend to be rather pricey, hence this is a good recommendation if you are looking for something in the middle ground 😊

Previously, I've always believed that buffets do not offer the quality of food that restaurants do, as they have to prepare them in big batches. However, Triple Three proved me wrong.

The weekend lunch buffet ($78++) boasts a large variety of food of many different cuisines and I can safety say that almost all of them are of very high standards.

Notable ones are the salmon sashimi cuts, as these are much thicker and fresher than what you can get in restaurants. The ribeye cut is really tender, and trust me, you can cut it with a spoon. It's really juicy, you probably don't need any sauce to go with it.

Service here is absolutely wonderful, as most staffs are really courteous! If you have a special someone to bring for a birthday treat, they have complimentary birthday cake and song service too!

The rock salt salmon here is to die for, as the salmon meat is so tender and yet so flavourful, which makes it so addictive. The meats selection are really extensive, so is the dessert section. Overall, the food quality here I would say it isn't the best, but it isn't bad either. Service I have to say is really good and the staffs here are really friendly. However, the buffet price here is high, at 88++ per person for a weekend lunch.

Onepot boasts a wide range of ingredients, and the vegetable, mushroom and meat selections are rather fresh. Although the meats are rather tough, they are still good to eat with the mala broth. The seafood on the other hand can be fresher. The vast sauce selections are worth a mention.

One must get will be the flat orange cheese fish cake, as when thrown in the hotpot, the cheese in the middle will melt and ooze out as you bite into it, giving you the cheesy oomph factor you will crave for.

With #burpplebeyond each person will pay around $22, which I feel is an okay pricing for what that is offered.


Headed there for weekend lunch at a promotional price of $18.90++ and had a great time with my family! Loved the meat selection there, as they were all well marinated! Best of all, it's Halal and I can't wait to bring my Muslim friends there!


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