Boasting Da Vinci-inspired decor, this mezzanine restaurant makes a good option for a dinner date. With a motto to serve any cuisine that tastes good, Leonardo's menu ranges from classic European dishes to the occasional Asian selects. For starters, the Stuffed Spanish Piquillo Peppers (RM30) will satisfy with its black truffle-laced pork mince. Then trot over to the other side of the globe with Leo's Bak Kut Teh (RM39) — an elevated version of the pork broth served with rice and yau char kway. Waiter's recommendations also include the spicy, addictive Ranjit's Pasta (RM33) tossed with mushrooms, bacon and chili padi, and a charming Chocolate Volcano — lava cake served with Forty Licks ice cream.
Avg Price: RM70