I love coffee and Dew’s Kopiko Tart certainly got my attention! As the name suggests, expect to find lashings and lashings of coffee (Nescafe, in fact, they aren’t shy to tell you that) mousse and praline, delicately glossed in more coffee ganache and a sweet cacao nib nougatine on top. What a treat this was!

Pretty as a picture and taste damn well too. I tend to shy away from anything sour-y so this was a new one for my tastebuds. Jaslyn (of Jaslyn Cakes) and team masterfully balances flavours and textures in this Basil Lime tart; light basil mousse atop a lime & basil curd encased in a crisp tart crust. This version also replaces whipped cream with delicate pieces of meringue. A finished body of sweet art.


One will appreciate the design work done at this new dining spot along APW’s Paper Plates food row. The overhanging paper origami dragon is a show-stopper! Wish I could say the same about the food during our visit. Note that we were there during the first day of their operations.This was probably the better dish we had among the three other dishes recommended by the waiter. The flavour-packed teriyaki garlic sauce was perfect accompaniment to the slight under-seasoned lamb patty in this Kaiju Open Sandwich. For drinks, try the Calpis + Sake (RM20) drink, surprisingly tasty! If that's not enough, head to Case Study right beside for some more boozy options.


Newly opened Agak-Agak is whipping’ up irresistible carbonara-like noodle concoctions that is the Chilli Pate Mee (RM32) pictured here! The creamy, noodly dish features handmade pan mee noodles which perfectly complements the in-house chicken pate (yes, CHICKEN!) and all-important spicy chilli oil.

This dish is totally making its way to the top of my list for my comfort go-to.


If all you want to do is dine alone and eat a steak in a relaxed and casual dining atmosphere, then this is the place to do it. Open for lunch and dinner, Maria’s Steakcafe has a range of different menus suited for everyone, from the restaurant’s signature beef steak, to standard fish and chips, and chicken parmigiana. As per chef's recommendation, I had the Australian Black Angus steak cooked medium rare (RM48/100gms). It was downright juicy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, even on its own!

It's hard not to fall in love for this stunning new kid on the block when you are greeted with the most delightful afternoon rays of light, as you sit and tuck into a hearty gourmet sandwich. FYI, it's all self-service here so there will be a few back-to-reality calls before one is allowed to truly immerse themselves in their 'summer' fantasies. Like a buzzer that vibrates violently when your food is ready so you have to drag your feet to walk pass a sea of aloof sungazers and this could be you but... There are not many places that are capable of transporting you into such delusion other than that of Botanica Deli, so far. With only four choices of Sandwiches on the menu, my order was simplified: with no surprise, I picked the Prawn & Crab Sandwich (RM19.5), and had a taste of the Roast Chicken Sandwich (RM19.5), both served with one complimentary soup. I thought the price totally justified the portion for both of the sandwiches - with fillings that were bursting out of the warm in-house baked breads. The crustaceans were juicy and flavourful from the paprika and dill mayo combination, while the chicken was tender and easily gobbled down. By the time my company and I were done with our carbs, we could barely finish our soups. And so, the day-dreaming continues. I'd definitely be back here. Also, to check out the deli's more serious sister restaurant next door: Botanica + Co.


Restaurants come and go, but Leonardo’s has stood the test of time for a reason. Judging from the positive reviews both online and off, I went with high hopes and finished my meal grinning from ear to ear. Leonardo’s delivered. Its menu does not restrict itself to one place and you don’t question their geographical choices. You simply ask what’s good and eat, and nod again in satisfaction and approval. They probably said it best: if it tastes good, put it on the menu!

I was led to two options on the menu: Leo’s Bak Kut Teh (RM39) and Ranjit’s Pasta (RM33), which happened to be my waiter’s favourites. Keeping a mental note to come back for the former, I ordered the pasta infused with chili padi, garlic, mushroom and bacon bits, and had no regrets. The same waiter wasted no time to recommend the classic Chocolate Volcano (RM21) paired with Forty Licks vanilla ice cream upon picking up my finished plate away. I didn't fight back. It was a fitting twist for a delicious finale.

This cozy French corner with burgundy walls and open dining hall may not be the fanciest restaurant in Bangsar, but Rendez-vous is the place where locals and expats go for affordable French fare where good service and honest food takes center-stage. Chef Florian Nigen’s food is traditional with a menu that is inspired by his family’s well-known French restaurant for 30 years, and stories like that will never fail to make your heart feel good as you bite, spoonful after spoonfuls.

Seasonal set lunches and dinners are available on a daily basis, a bargain for those who wish to sample a full course meal as prices don’t stray beyond RM150. To start, I had the Salad Mimosa (RM29) dressed in a strong vinaigrette dressing and mimosa eggs / deviled eggs. At this point I was a little full from the complimentary basket of bread and butter, and Amuse Bouche. Next on the table was Moules Frites (RM42), mussels served with french fries and marnière (white wine sauce). The sauce, almost broth-like, was fragrant and sweet from the onions. The meat could have been taken out from the boil a minute or two prior.

A wide selection of premium wines are available, and at a price point that does not cost an arm and a leg. Another visit is in order.


This sleek, modern dining room tucked in the highest floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre has both French and Italian gourmet fare with some excellent sky views overlooking the Bangsar ‘hood. While the Ala Carte menu spans some tasty and attractive items such as the Coq Au Vin and Beef Tenderloin Rossini, their 3-course Set Lunch (RM26++) menu proved to be quite the bargain too.
Starting with the Soup of the Day, I had the Minestrone soup. A warm welcome to Le Midi. Next was my pick of Pan-seared parrot fish served with spinach and beetroot puree. I thought this one was well-executed both in presentation and flavours. The combination of spinach, fish and puree was thoughtful yet satisfying. For dessert, the luscious Tiramisu (seasonal) was gone in less than a minute. Absolutely killed it.
There is an additional service charge of RM2.60, one I would happily pay and more for its attentive and ardent servers.


The culinary focus of Ming Room lies in authentic Cantonese cuisine combined with modern interpretations, and the good ol’ Hong Kong Dim Sum for lunch. As a self-proclaimed dumpling devotee, I look to Bangsar’s household dim sum resto favoured by locals and expats alike for delicately folded bite-sized portions of food. The Ming Room offers a wide selection of dim sum, favourites include: Imperial ‘Har Kau’ (RM10); Scallop Jade Dumpling (RM10); ‘Cheong Fun’ with Prawns (RM9), Watercress and Prawn Jade Dumpling (RM9) — all juicy and delicious!

It’s a busy and popular Chinese eatery so spontaneous trips are not recommended, otherwise it’s a turn up and wait with other #hangry diners.

*All servings come in 3 pieces.

Alternate Dim Sum restos: My favourite - Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong, Damansara Jaya or Din Tai Fung (always!)


If there was ever a time and a place to spend big on vegetarian dishes in Kuala Lumpur, it’s at Barat. Mediterranean-style, expect flavours in dishes that marry a myriad of spices, fresh herbs and vegetables.

While the head chef recommends adventurous visitors to try their degustation menu available only in the evenings, Barat’s ala carte menu boasts an equally striking fare. My company and I had the pleasure of sharing two stand-outs - the Mediterranean Spiced Patatas Burger with Homemade chips (RM24.9) and the Curried Cous Cous with Grilled Asparagus, Heirloom Baby Carrots and Pomegranate Dressing (RM31.9). We had thought the burger buns a tad rubbery, but the bellyful spiced patatas made up for it, while the aromatic curried cous cous blended well with the pomegranate sauce.

Much of the restaurant’s produce are grown on organic farms in Janda Baik and Cameron Highlands, as well as their little makeshift farm right behind the restaurant. Here’s a place you can happily and healthily indulge, without the guilt!

Alternate Vegetarian resto: Organica Lifestyle, Bangsar


A genteel spot for indulging in more than 10 different type of teas ranging from white, green, oolong, black and tisane. A cup of tea starts from RM9.9, pot (1-2 persons) RM18.9 and large iced tea for RM16.9.The open tea corner also offers light food fare and High Tea Set (RM19.9 per person) which includes a cup of tea, cake of the day and finger sandwiches. Ambience wise, its location tucked in a corner of an upscaled shopping mall may not be your conventional spot for sipping and relaxing. I’d recommend looking at its retail part which makes for a sure bet for some easy gift shopping.


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