As we are still stick to our vegetarian diet, this vegan pho is like a heaven find. We ask the counter staff if we can get 1 small pho and 1 regular size as we thought they have 2 sizes as in the website. In Takashimaya outlet, they have 1 size only. After a while, our buzzer ring and we pick our order to enjoy. 🤩
The vegan pho has 4 types of mock meat: prawn, prawn ball, fish ball, fish maw look alike. (We try to count) 🤓 Full of bean sprouts, nai bai, onion, spring onion, shiitake mushroom. Tasty on its own with flavorful broth. However, wish they could allow patron to take condiments easily from counter. We ask for chili & it was pulled from their cupboard or maybe we are too early for their dinner service.🧐 (5:30 is our dinner time)