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High Tea, Healthy, Desserts Tea Lovers It’s always tea time!! 🍵 ☕️
Local Delights, Dim Sum, Chinese Dim Sum Our usual go to places for dim sum. Mostly brunch but any time really. 😜
Others, Popular, Interesting Specialty Food These eateries are specialized in one type of dish & do it so very well
Others, Interesting, Desserts Dark Chocolate Obsession As a dark chocolate maniac & healthy foodie, we are very particular! ✅%cacao ✅sweetness level ✅Origin etc. You name it!
Interesting, Healthy Healthy Drink Never feel guilty after having these healthy drinks 💪☺️
1-for-1 Deals #burpplebeyond Journey All 1-for-1 !! Yum & great deal!! 🤓😊🤟
Fast Food, Cheap & Good IKEA Hoarders We are obsessed with Ikea food (weekly treat)
Great View, Hidden Gem, Others Hidden Gem Especially for y’all who follow our food journey!! 🤫 Don’t say Bo Jio!!