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Woodlands sourdough bakery pastries - so many to choose from! I love the baked goods from Woodlands sourdough bakery, but the ones I chose were a little too dense for me. I think I’ll stick with the giant loaves and cookies next time!

The jalapeño cheese bread ($3) and the other pastry the name escapes me with pumpkin seeds, cheese and carameljzed onions ($5) were all too dense. The flavor was great but texture not really my thing. I was full eating less than half of each. My buddy @lipperrrs got the bun with cheese, fries egg that was very tasty ($8) and can be reheated! The cinnamon bun was heavy but abit too sweet to eat on its own.

You get a few seats outside the shop but no shelter from the rain! Luckily it only poured when we almost done! #latergram #drklingeats #woodlandssourdoughbakery #clunycourt #sourdough