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Ka Ling
Ka Ling

Which is the bigger bun? That’s THE awkward question to ask when you’re sharing with someone else. The funny thing is, @lipperrrs and I both thought the other piece was bigger. So it worked out for us! Which one did I get? Of course the one with the giant slab of butter!!

As a true born HK gal, I give Honolulu a thumbs up for the polo butter bun! Hidden on 1st floor. Definitely a good place to get authentic polo buns. The sugar crust is yayyyyyy. Chewy and didn’t just disintegrate into nothing. The bun itself... a bit too sticky for my teeth. But I still give 4.5⭐️ will come back again!

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Woodlands sourdough bakery pastries - so many to choose from! I love the baked goods from Woodlands sourdough bakery, but the ones I chose were a little too dense for me. I think I’ll stick with the giant loaves and cookies next time!

The jalapeño cheese bread ($3) and the other pastry the name escapes me with pumpkin seeds, cheese and carameljzed onions ($5) were all too dense. The flavor was great but texture not really my thing. I was full eating less than half of each. My buddy @lipperrrs got the bun with cheese, fries egg that was very tasty ($8) and can be reheated! The cinnamon bun was heavy but abit too sweet to eat on its own.

You get a few seats outside the shop but no shelter from the rain! Luckily it only poured when we almost done! #latergram #drklingeats #woodlandssourdoughbakery #clunycourt #sourdough


First time at Chili’s even though it was everywhere in the US. Here in SG Chili’s is quite hip and very busy, there’s even a line when we were leaving at 7:30pm.

Enjoyable place with tasty drinks and good snacks. I had more than enough alcohol from sharing a jug of sunrise magaritas ($42.90). Nachos with guacamole were thoughtfully covered with cheese - very neat and unlike the typical Mexican pile of cheese and sauces. The guacamole needs more work and salt, but tased ok with sour cream and tomatoes. Cheese curds was not melted enough for me. Also batter was quite salty.

Service can definitely be improved. Will be back with the right crowd.

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Fri-YAY #latergram ! So glad my buddy @lipperrrs is back and I have company to explore food places while my HB is enjoying Sydney 😜 Back to 28 HK Street again! The entrance is a deceiving old school shophouse door. Push it open and you’ll discover a world of Gatsby, and omg do I feel like I’m back in Seattle/US. The gold decor and dim ambience. Love it!! You should really make a reservation unless you’re chill like us and don’t mind standing around for an hour till a bar seat opens up. Thanks to PP and Fran for bringing here for my birthday a few weeks ago. Great intro!!

Love the drinks - got the same 93 till infinity (fruity drink with pineapple slice - eat it before it gets soggy) and then ventured into the exotic Cheddar drink (surprisingly not bad. Love the combo of cheese, maybe why I’m sold, and this bourbon-like flavor. Meant to be slowly savored. Can I have 3 more pieces of cheese to go with the drink please??) sitting at the bar was excellent as we got front seats to watch the bartenders mix the drinks. PS if I didn’t mention alr, last time I came we had truffle Mac and cheese balls (the best ever!!!) and pandan churros (omg it’s amazing and not too sweet!! Hits the sweet spot! Lol). Oh yes I was annoyed after midnight that people kept invading my space at the bar to order drinks. hello! Personal space everybody. Anyways. I think the key is to not budge and give any space for people to sneak through. You can really just order from the servers walking around, don’t need to come squeeze at the bar with your sticky bodies... eew.

That aside, we enjoyed the company and drinks so much we stayed till 130am, way past my bedtime. Lol and now two days later I’m still recovering 😂😂 #drklingeats #speakeasy #28hongkongstreet #cheddardrinks #friyay #latergram

Ka Ling

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