📍: Kei Kaseidon
🍣: Mentaiyaki Kaisendon ($29.9 on Burpple Beyond for 2 sets with 1 side dish, clam miso soup & salad each)

My absolute favourite & go-to whenever I’m craving for affordable yet delicious chirashi bowl: @keikaisendon.sg.

Here’s why I love them:
1) They have outlets all over the island!
2) Great quality for the affordable price, you even get side dishes (different for each outlet), miso soup that’s loaded with seaweed, clams and bits of salmon & salad tossed in Japanese sesame sauce
3) A variety of mains on their menu to choose from. I always go for either the signature or mentaiyaki bowl, but I visited before P2HA with a friend who doesn’t eat raw fish & it was fine since there are so many other cooked mains to choose from!

LOVELOVELOVE their value for money @burpple beyond sets & will continue to enjoy them! 🤍