This is their vegetarian burger. As a person who doesn’t like eating vegetables, this ShroomBurger tasted nothing like those vegetarian options from other restaurants. The crispy mushroom patty was thick and juicy, and goes really well with the other vegetables. However, I felt that the mushroom patty didn’t match the buns. This was quite filling on its own as well!

💰: $10.80
📈: 8/10

The patty was so juicy! And with the tomato and the ShakeSauce, the juice was overflowing🤤 The buns were really fluffy and soft, and the juice from the patty makes the party less dry as well. If you don’t know what to order at Shake Shack, this is their classic burger that will not disappoint you😋

💰: $9.20 (single)
📈: 9/10

✨Cheese Fries✨
I would’ve given it 10/10, but the cheese had a little weird aftertaste that I’m not quite fond of. The fries are thick and soft, not really the crispy kind. It tasted quite healthy and starchy, but the cheese sauce makes this a sinful dish. The cheese sauce is not the typical nacho cheese sauce. It is a little sweet, and not spicy. This is one of the sides that you have to order when you dine here!

💰: $5.90
📈: 9/10

✨Strawberry Classic Shake✨
My favourite shake that I always have to order when I go Shake Shack😍 It is quite thick and creamy. The strawberry taste is quite strong, but not much milky flavour. It is quite expensive for a drink, but splurging on this once in awhile is fine😝

💰: $6.90
📈: 10/10