Chocolate Lava Cake ($9.90), Country Waffle Set ($13.90) and Double Scoop in a Waffle Cone ($12). As you can tell, the prices here are pretty flammable to your pockets.

Despite so-so flavours like Cookie Butter and Swiss Chocolate, they do have their fair share of winning flavours like their Red Velvet, Birthday Cake and Thai Milk Tea. Their chocolate lava cake (which is also available in Salted Caramel and even Durian flavours) was incredibly moist upon first incision, and is loaded with ganache which may impress you, but will have your throat imploring give another thought about jumping headfirst into it. Their waffles aren't anything enigmatic, yet tasty in a straightforward sense. Besides their desserts here, they do have Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea made from Cha Tra Mue. I came here around 9:15pm and it wasn't busy at all.

Overall, it's a place that won't have you swooning, but it's one that is ideal for you to get your quick fix of desserts. Well, that is if you're looking for something one up the ice-creams from nearby fast food joints, and also a dessert parlour that is convenient and accessible enough. (7.5/10)