Picture on the menu showed a Ferris wheel but we got a guitar instead. 😂 Perhaps they thought we were too cool. Totally gimmicky but we just got this for the laughs. The lights on it kind of went off after an hour or so - I think it went out of battery.

The soju shots appeared to be full but we realised that the lychee in the shot glass took up half of the space inside it. It was still a nice sweet touch to it though. We enjoyed drinking from our colourful guitar, alternating the salty lokloks with the sweet soju and lychees.

Finding the shop was a bit shady as a whiff of cigarette smoke overwhelmed me when I entered the mall, followed by some pretty girls in short dresses and high heels walking past me. The loklok shop itself was fine though - the dining area is in a dimly lit bar, with high chairs and all.

There’re two screens in the bar where they play and screen karaoke songs. You can ask for the mic if you’re brave (or drunk) enough to sing in front of all the customers. At some point I think some of the staff were singing some Chinese songs.

Was overall a fun experience enjoying our loklok with some soju, singing along to some pop songs - yeah we didn’t take the mic - but sang, ate and drink to our heart’s (and stomach’s) content!