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What a perfect sweet note to end a delicious steak dinner on.

This delicious dessert ($15) has a base of lady's fingers drenched with coffee and atop that is a rich creamy mascarpone cheese mix and cocoa powder generously dusted on top. It's got more cocoa crumbles and matcha crumbles garnished around it as well as a delicious scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

And oh boy is it delicious and just a fantastic medley of flavors and textures. The lady's fingers and mascarpone are just sweet enough to provide a contrast against the bitter coffee, and the cocoa powder. The spongy moistness dripping from the lady's fingers counters the dryness from the cocoa powder. The crumbles add a crunch while the ice cream and mascarpone provide a creamy texture.

Definitely a tiramisu to remember.