We have been to Bao Makers on a few occasions and we have never failed to be impressed by their gourmet baos! Pictured here are the 3 baos we tried today - the salted egg yolk chicken bao, the mala beef bao and the chilli crab bao!

The chilli crab bao was the best and we liked that the bao was essentially a deep-fried mantou and the restaurant was really generous with the crab meat filling. The sauce was really on point too and it tastes the same as a chilli crab dish that you can get at restaurants!

We also loved the salted egg yolk chicken bao, as the salted egg sauce was pretty concentrated and went well with the piece of fried chicken! It is also great that the sauce isn't very runny so you wouldn't get too messy eating it!

The mala beef bao, however, was a little disappointing as we felt that the mala flavour was a little too subtle and we would have loved a little more of the numbing and spicy sensation. The beef was a little tough too! 😰

Although the baos were delicious, we have to say that they were really expensive, with the chilli crab bao costing $4.50++ and the other two costing $4.30++! For the small size of the baos, we think that they were really pricey and it would be great if the baos could be bigger!

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