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Pat Jon
Pat Jon

After you have finished around 2/3 of your Dakgalbi, you can request to add kimchi fried rice, which costs around $5++ per serving. While this is a pretty cool way to make use of the remaining parts of the dakgalbi, we felt that the rice was a little too wet for our liking.

At this point, we felt that we should really have added the cheese because the relatively large portion of rice served made the dish a bit boring after a while.

We ordered the dakgalbi, which was supposedly one of the signature dishes at this restaurant. The mainstay of the dish was the chicken chunks marinated in a secret spicy sauce, topped with veggies like cabbage and carrots, as well as with Korean rice cakes. The dish was served on a stove that kept it warm throughout our meal!

However, we felt that there wasn't much special about the dish, and we thought that the prices were on the higher end, given that the above costs $36++ for the 2 pax serving. Perhaps we should have added the cheese (additional $5++) such that the dish would have been less monotonous.

Main saving grace was the side dishes, which are free flow. The ikan bills and the vermicelli were really very good! :)

Despite looking pretty messy, the pork knuckle was fairly decent. My favourite parts were the pieces of fried skin, which were crispy on the outside and contained a layer of fats on the underside. In addition, the meat in the dish was pretty tender as well. Do not be misled by the serving size, however, as what you see here includes a huge piece of bone that does not contain any meat at all! In addition, the meat was not evenly salted/seasoned, with some parts overly salty and some parts being quite tasteless.

Nevertheless, with the Burpple Meatlover set, you do get the dish at a discount from its menu price, coupled with two bottles of beer at a discounted price as well. Furthermore, Rebel is good for it's relatively cheap alcohol, so you may want to come here for drinks as well!

This is my go-to flavour whenever I eat at tamjai samgor. The soup is slightly spicy but it has a sour taste at the same time, which makes for a very nice blend. For those who dont like the numbness of peppercorn, don't worry as this soup doesn't have it! I added on pork and mushrooms to the dish, as otherwise you would only have a pretty basic soup base (with bean sprouts and beancurd sheets).

The most important thing to choose from is the spice level. Do not go for 小辣 if this is your first time there, as I would equate this with the 中辣 at mala stalls. Instead, I think 1/4 辣 is a pretty safe choice and should be bearable for most! Queue can get pretty long during lunchtime, so do head down early if you want to have your meal there!

This was one of the most interesting desserts I have had at a Chinese tze char restaurant in Singapore: Taiwan-style popiah with three scoops of ice cream on top! The three scoops were pretty old-school flavours: blue pea flower with lemongrass, horlicks and soursop! The horlicks was malty and pretty concentrated, whereas the soursop landed a contrasting sweet, but refreshing flavour. The blue pea flower flavour was the most interesting flavour, although the taste was rather faint.

The popiah was surprisingly pretty tough - I gave up using the spoon to break it into smaller pieces, and used my hands instead. Bits of peanut and pieces of coriander were sprinkled over the dish, although I thought the coriander would be a pretty strange garnishing to go with the ice cream.

Overall, I would say that this was a pretty interesting item, and $14++ for three scoops of ice cream is pretty reasonable.

This is the first hor fun dish I tried in Singapore which deep fries the hor fun before serving it in a dish containing egg gravy. Do try some of the fried hor fun pieces before dipping them in the egg gravy, as the crispy texture of the dry hor fun pieces contrasts quite sharply with the texture after they have been soaked in gravy. Gravy portion was just right to ensure that some of the hor fun pieces remained dry and crispy!

This came with many ingredients, including prawns, sliced pork, fish fillet and mushrooms. This was the small portion ($17++) but it is way more than enough for two people, since the gravy makes this dish a lot more filling than expected. However, it is definitely a pretty interesting twist on our traditional hor fun dish.

Enjoy Eating House's upscale mee kia for $17++. Noodles were cooked to perfection - they were springy and were neither too soft nor hard, and the noodles did not have the "yellow noodle" taste! Served with a wobbly half-boiled egg, break the yolk halfway through your meal to let the yolk flow over the dish.

The highlight of the dish was Chef Joel's pork jowl, which were neither too lean nor fat (although I wish there were more of the fats). The sides were nicely seared to give a slightly burnt texture, while the meat was glazed to give it a somewhat sweet flavour. If you really like the meat, there is a separate dish for it too!

Priced at $14.90++, this ramen is served with a unique broth made with hamaguri clams, tonkatsu, and truffle oil. Do take a whiff of the broth before drinking, and you would be sure to recognise the aroma of the truffle oil. The broth has a pretty distinct seafood flavour, presumably from the clams, and without relying on heavily on tonkatsu, this made the broth pretty light. However, I think the restaurant could do with making it slightly less salty. The char siew was a little tough, and the serving was a little small, but would be happy to come back again to drink more of the broth! 😋

This is one of my favourite Chinese beef noodles place in town! I usually get their signature noodles with soup and upsize the dish ($12.50). I often decide to order 二细 more often than not (see picture), as I preferred my noodles not being too thick. The noodles served here are floury and pretty firm, which I prefer over noodles that are too soft/soggy.

Do get their signature chilli paste and mix it into the soup, because it is not spicy at all and it makes the soup a lot more flavourful. For those who are wondering, the chilli paste does not have the numbing sensation in 麻辣 dishes, so the soup remains pretty drinkable even after mixing the paste in! The restaurant was also pretty generous with the beef, which have been cut into thin slices and are hence pretty easy to chew.

Come here early before the lunchtime crowd gathers, as the queue can get pretty long!

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With lots of garlic, spring onion and capsicums, along with generous amounts of marinated pork, every bite is flavourful. Serving size is enough for a big eater.

Plus points:
They substituted peas with edamame.
Just the right amount of oil, dish is not too oily, almost feels healthy!

While this dish is not mind-blowing or as unique as their other dishes, it's great for a hearty meal especially with burpple 1f1. Order the tacos too!

Satay which were made from Lion Mane mushrooms, and it was surprisingly good! Mushrooms were well-seasoned and did not really taste like mushrooms. In fact, I thought the mushrooms had a sufficiently firm texture that resembled meat (and traditional satay).

Peanut sauce was great, although you may want to note that it was on the sweeter side rather than the spicier side.

This dish is considered as an appetizer, and not a main course, and it is hence not applicable for a Burpple Beyond promotion.

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Tried the chilli crab burger after hearing many positive reviews about this item at VeganBurg! Indeed, the chilli crab sauce was great and tasted really like what you would get at any seafood restaurant, although the restaurant may have used quite a bit of chilli padi to make the paste, rendering the sauce on the slightly spicier side. The patty was made from konjac, and it was a lot more firm than I had thought it would be! The burger also included romaine lettuce and coriander, although I thought the latter didn't pair too well with the chilli crab sauce! Overall, I would go back here just for the sauce!

The seaweed fries on the other hand, were disappointing. The fries were served with a miserable portion of seaweed flakes that I think you would be better off getting the burger and adding on seaweed shaker fries from MacDonalds. The only good thing about the fries was that the serving was much larger than I initially expected...

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