Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen's refreshed menu offers a delightful blend of classic and innovative dishes, creating a memorable dining experience for my family of all ages.

Among the highlights, the newly added Kampung Chicken with Scallion & Sand Ginger stands out with its fork-tender texture and aromatic infusion of spring onions and sand ginger, making it a refreshing and appetizing choice.

For those with a penchant for baked delights, the Classic Mini Bolo Bun with French Butter is a must-try! This signature item features a refined twist with the richness of Candia Professional 100% French dairy butter, elevating the classic bun to a luxuriously indulgent level.

The new additions also impress, particularly the Crispy Baby Squid with Sliced Taro. This appetizer offers a delightful blend of crispy baby squid and thinly sliced taro, fried to golden perfection and enhanced by a medley of savory seasonings. This dish is particularly well-received amongst my parents and grandmother, evoking nostalgia as they enjoyed more frequently in the past and is rarer to find now.

For dessert, the Aiyu Jelly with Peach Gum & Coconut Milk served in Whole Coconut is a delightful tropical indulgence. The delicate texture of peach gum combined with the creamy richness of coconut milk and the refreshing Aiyu jelly, elegantly presented in a whole coconut, creates a perfect ending to the dining experience.

Overall, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen's refreshed menu successfully marries tradition with innovation, offering dishes that cater to both classic tastes and adventurous palates.