I ❤️ P.H. It’s May Day! [Part II]

This rojak stall attracts a long, snaking queue so be prepared to wait but it’s definitely worth the effort!

I have been patronising this stall since my secondary school days. And even till this day, this is the place I would go to, whenever I’m craving for Rojak!
The crunchy You Char Kway a.k.a. Chinese fried dough and [add-on] thin, crispy cod fish cracker, lightly tossed with the savoury shrimp paste a.k.a. ‘Hei Gor’ is delectably yummy.

Bonus point: I also 🧡 the fact that the stall owners are always smiley and friendly to the customers, when taking orders at the stall. 👍🏻


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