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Dont get the meatballs, they're rlly soft and way too expensive, not even that good.

At first i tot it's damn overpriced until i had my first spoonful of soup. I wont say it's definitely worth it, but i can certainly appreciate the time and effort that went into it to justify the price. Duck Char siu was rlly v good, super tender and full of flavour. They do not use the ends of the duck breast so that each slice is the same size, possibly contributing to the cost(one piece of duck Char siu add on is 3++). Soup was rlly strong and intense, full of duck "gameyness" but not unpleasantly so. For someone who prefer stronger Broth, i absolutely loved it and was very satisfied. The thickness of the soup also meant that the bowl was actl q filling.

I also felt that Spinach was a rlly good veggie to go with such a thick soup, so that's a rather brilliant innovation for ramen