Highly recommended to reserve online 3 months in advance!😖 if not go at around 1030am to write your name in the queue😂 and roughly get in by 530pm ( number in the 30s) 😅 for an affordable Michelin experience overseas: it’s really worth a try and the iconic goggles lady is incredibly commendable✨ The only Michelin Star street hawker in Bangkok and shown on Netflix “ street food” series. Thai Crab Omelette Kai-Jeaw Poo at Raan Jay Fai is a massive roll of egg and lump crab meat that is also fried over hot coal fire. This plate of crab omelette is worth the hype and contains so much skill and technique each and every plate fried by the lady herself. It cost 1000 baht omg but really it contains an entire crab inside I think! 💕🦀 💕 once in a lifetime experience and go while the lady still can 🌚😅✨

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