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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

Only during covid lockdowns!

Turkish-style pide pizza, abalone mushroom, smoked cheese, egg yolk, garlic butter, 8g shaved truffle 💗

The snacks was a crescendo gastronomy experience ending with a heartwarming node on the mains and a stroll in the gardens through the sweets into full completion✨ the harmonious journey and mastery combination of ingredients truly deserves a one Michelin star (personal review)🌟👍

restaurant tip: ask the restaurant what’s available out of the menu😎‼️and at @habibisansg they have this TRUFFLE BAKED BRIE 🧀✨ the baked part is super chewy and on the tough side - not your usual cheese texture! Then inside is like your cheese pull stick. Quite addictive with the truffle infusion and savory mushrooms🤤

Other than @oliviarestaurant_sg famous burnt cheesecake, you should try their other Spanish dishes while at it!✨ especially their black rice paella that will burn through your wallet 🔥💸 and melt your soul 👻 the juicy Mediterranean red prawn is a first for me!⭐️ definitely not your usual with that tender flesh and unami thick prawn head juices that you have to mix it with the black rice to achieve that 💯 flavor depth of the sea🦐 the beef ragu is definitely beef lovers’ delight with that strong robust aroma that soaks into the pasta broth🥩 the omelette was a usual, no further comments. That mushroom croquette though was another must-order, if you love a excellent bowl of mushroom soup you will love this crispy pop of earthy mushroom 💣💕 but damn this place is pricey🥲

[Sakura Martini]
Made from Sakurao gin limited edition, distilled umeshu, tried and true vodka, mancino Sakura vermouth ✨🍸quite a strong floral kick🌸

[Sakura baked Alaska]
this was dazzling and truly a highlight! One of the most creative desserts I had✨🌸 berry Sakura sorbet inside the Sakura ice bowl with vanilla bombe, white chocolate crispy rice✨🥰 so fancy and yummy!✨

🌟Gaig’s Traditional Cannelloni (S$16.50)
This dish is from the original outlet and it’s definitely the favorite🤩 the soft cylindrical pasta comes stuffed with beef and pork filling with that aromatic truffle cream sauce that I want to just added to everything!✨ one of the best truffle cream I tasted.

🌟 squid ink and seafood fideua ($$32.50)
Noodles! Cooked with fish stock, the dish uses short vermicelli noodles instead of rice in a paella 🥘✨leaving savory black sauce around your mouth with each bite hehe but I love it 🥰

🌟Salmorejo soup and burrata cheese and jamon ice cream ($17)
Hands down to the creative dish of the lot - Cold soup🙌 the intense concentration of tomato in the broth 🍅 the sourness is contrasted with the sweet savory ham ice cream and melted seamlessly with the burrata✨ lots of contrasting chill flavors going on. 💕

📍 @gaigsingapore 🐦
⭐️ @michelinguide Catalan dishes
💰 ~ $30-40
🌟 Bomba de Barceloneta (S$15)
Potato ball stuffed with minced beef paired with fiery brava sauce! 👍👍

📍 @persea.sg ✨
🆕 Rosemary basque cheesecake ( net carb: 6.3g)🧀
💰 ~ $16
@persea.sg is one of the latest addition to Ann Siang hill! 🏔 recently opened on new year day focusing on Low carb (Suitable for keto-dining)💖 will share more bout their food in another post but first shining light on this crazy dessert - Rosemary burnt cheesecake made from cream cheese, Camembert and BLUE CHEESE 😯 paired with fresh berry compote and pure almond biscuit🌟 it’s definitely not the cheesecake you imagine, it’s more savory than sweet like a cheese platter in the shape of a cheesecake 😂 definitely something for peeps who love cheese and rich flavors - they definitely did not skimp on that blue cheese oof✨ do check @persea.sg out! Truly a boutique hidden gem 💎
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“Treasures of the Sea”
Chocolate orb inside is bergamot curd and seaweed crumble topped with ‘raindrop’ jelly and an edible white chocolate pearl

Iris Lim

Level 8 Burppler · 859 Reviews

Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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