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Can’t believe I’ve never set foot in this old skool kool cafe despite how my house is within walking distance?! And I have admittedly been missing out! Unlike other indie cafes that are usually found clustered in a cramped fashion, Wheeler’s Yard occupies an entire warehouse’s worth of space and is - simply put - unbelievably cavernous. Decked out in bicycles (yep, think whole bicycles hanging from walls, standing on tables) and biking related gear, the whole grungy aesthetic exudes chill vibes that one naturally settles into, creating the perfect spot for a laidback brunch.

We got ourselves the Pork Katsu Toast and a quintessential brunch item, Eggs Benedict!! As always, hallelujah to the existence of #burpplebeyond with which we got da 1-for-1!!!😚 The former is a unique take on traditional toast; more of an open sandwich, the fluffy white bread base surprisingly managed to hold its own beneath two cripsy patties of pork that were breaded with panko and drizzled generously with tonkatsu sauce...and then topped with a runny egg & bonito flakes. Each bite was so so umami!!!😍 and if it ain’t enough, you can mop up the extra tonkatsu sauce that the servers have kindly spread along the plate!!!
The eggs benny was nothing to shout about, but I did like how the hollandaise was unusually lemony and citrusy. But definitely, get the tonkatsu toast if you’re here!!