It’s been way too long since I had this dish I honestly forgot the name of it, but this is the one description closest to what it looked like. It was my first time in The Majapahit (in September 2018) and I have been back here a few times. I liked the Indonesian/Thailand mix in their food because it’s one (two, actually) of my many favourite cuisines. Other than this, I also had the fish fillet with Thai sauce (RM 14.30), Sundanese grilled chicken (RM 29.70), Indonesian sweet sauce wings (RM 14.30) & Malaysian spice sambal wings (RM 14.30). It was a bit too much for three, we even had to pack them to-go. Definitely would be back, and have been back for a few times, in fact 😅

* Prices are based on @foodpandamy ✌🏼