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The main I got since it sounds more interesting besides the pork chop my partner got. This dish ($36) came with a perfectly cooked snapper with spices on the top and the curd rice was honestly reminiscent of my aunt’s curry. Sour notes and just very .. nostalgic. The coconut molee reminded me of the chutney - sambar and coconut chutney eaten with dosai. They were also sourish. Basil oil was used as well but I couldn’t really taste the oil since the other components were stronger on flavours hence quite redundant ..🤨

There are quite a number of things that went wrong with the dish for me. As much as I love the very South Indian taste of it, it just fell short of being a balanced dish. If I could describe the dish in one word, it would be sour. 😕 Not in a bad way that the dish is not tasty but something they can work on by introducing a spicy or sweet notes to the dish. The skin of the dish was also extremely salty with the spices they added on the skin so this dish overall doesn’t really work out for me.

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