Ramen Bar Suzuki is a quaint ramen shop hidden in Circular Road and it does have pretty interesting flavours, including emerald ramen?? 😮 However, we decided to go with something more conventional and we ordered the pure white ramen, which is basically a tonkatsu-based ramen with two pieces of chashu and a huge piece of seaweed!

Ramen Bar Suzuki uses thin ramen noodles and we liked that they got us the texture that we requested, as we like our noodles harder rather than soggy. Cha shu was also great as the meat was tender and there was a generous fatty layer on it. However, we thought the broth wasn't flavourful enough and we felt that it could be a little stronger on the "porky" taste. On the brighter side though, the broth is a little more drinkable as it isn't overly thick or salty. Also, Suzuki adds cut ginger to this dish, which infuses the broth with the spice; you may want to indicate that you would like the ginger to be served separately if you don't want your ramen broth to taste like ginger soup.

You can order the lunch set, which includes a bowl of ramen and two pieces of chicken karaage at around $16, which is fairly average. However, the stall is pretty popular with the lunchtime CBD crowd so you may need to queue a while before you can get a seat.

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