Luke's Lobster has launched a new Warm Butter Lobster Roll - succulent lobster meat nestled between buttery split-top buns, delicately warmed through a butter bath, ensuring those sweet juices stay intact. Finished off with a refreshing squeeze of lemon and Luke's signature seasoning.

With their new Warm Butter Lobster Roll, they've finally settled the age-old debate of warm vs. cold lobster. While I personally prefer the cold version, you should try both and decide which is better!

To celebrate the upcoming National Day, they've partnered with Atas Butter, a local artisanal cultured butter company, to create two Asian-inspired lobster roll flavors. The Kombu Butter Lobster Roll boasts a generous coating of homemade Japanese kelp butter, delivering an umami explosion with every bite. And if you're into some heat, the Mala Butter Lobster Roll is the way to go, featuring Atas Butter's secret Mala mixture that hits you with sweet and spicy notes in perfect harmony.

So, whether you're a traditionalist sticking to cold lobster or eager to try the warm buttery goodness, Luke's Lobster has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this delectable lobster experience! Happy lobster roll feasting!