We chanced upon Amika, which is a pretty new cafe in the Serangoon area. The cafe wasn't very crowded at lunchtime on Sunday and we could get a table with ease. The cafe provides pretty standard brunch fare, and we decided to try out the rosti with chicken sausage!

First off, we were surprised at how big the chicken bratwurst was and it was pretty filling. The bratwurst and the scrambled eggs were great, but we were honestly quite disappointed by the rosti because it was a little too tasteless. Perhaps the restaurant did not add enough salt, but thankfully, there was the sour cream that we could pair with the rosti! The rosti could also have been a little more crispy as well.

The dish cost around $18++ although we thought that overall, it was rather mediocre and nothing really special. At least the cafe was relatively quiet and it was a nice place to have a chat with friends. 😁

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