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And.... Brown sugar milk is the latest beverage trend to hit the bubble tea market and it has won hearts and palates from many! ☺️
Finally tried the famous taiwanese
bubble tea brand @jenjudansg. In frame,
1️⃣ Brown Sugar Boba Thai Milk Tea -
SGD 5.80 🧡
2️⃣ Brown Sugar Boba Match Green Tea -
SGD 5.20 💚

For this visit, i had their Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Green Tea in 30% sugar level, and sure enough it was a pleaser! I was quite surprised with the prominent earthy, robust notes with lingering bitter undertones. I personally also enjoyed their fragrant, chewy brown sugar boba specifically ☺️
PS : The brown sugar level here can be adjusted, and, with that, you would be able to enjoy your brown sugar boba tea! ☺️💚🧡

Location: Jenjudan Singapore 珍煮丹
1 CityLink Mall #B1-13 Singapore 039393 📍