Abandoned my usual orders today as I ventured into unexplored territory of @brawn_and_brains' Beef Pastrami Sandwich.
The huge portion (there're 4 sandwiches on that plate) and mini mountain of potato chips means this can be shared satisfactorily between two people (if they don't have ginormous appetites). And lest you think it is just about size, let me assure you, the taste is right up there as well.
I chose to replace the default baguette with whole wheat bread for $1.50 more. Between those lightly-toasted slices were moist beef pastrami, mixed lettuce, fresh tomatoes and some sundried tomatoes - all held lightly together by gooey melted cheese.
Tasty and very filling, I wouldn't mind having this again when I feel like a break from my favourites - the Curried Chicken Wrap and Molten Eggs.