Where I have been that serve really good coffee, well-executed dishes and desserts.
Veronica P
Veronica P

Everyone I know has been raving about the this item at Alter Ego. Let me assure you it isn't empty hype but genuine honest-to-goodness bar food that's totally deserving of the high number of social media posts it's garnered.
The serving is very generous and every piece of the chicken skin is large, puffily crunchy and seasoned with an addictive blend of spices.
I foresee this to be one of the bestsellers here if it isn't already.


If you close your eyes and take a bite of this Ondeh Ondeh Cake, the only thing that gives away the fact it isn't the actual "kueh" is the texture. In terms of aroma and flavour, it is amazingly and intensely spot-on.
Joanna Fong, one of the co-owners of AEIOU, is the self-taught, in-house baker and the array of cakes she produces is impressive.
I asked her a lot of questions about this because I found it irresistible - the moistness in particular, was a huge plus for me. She shared that it took many rounds of experimenting with different recipes to get it the way she wanted. Her drive to make her Ondeh Ondeh extra fragrant has her incorporating not one, not two but three kinds of coconut. When she revealed this nugget of info, I could only stare at her and nod in wonder as I stuffed my face on more cake.


Only available on weekends, this is one joyful brunch plate that easily pleases the eyes, tastebuds and pocket (it costs only $14.90 nett!) 😄
Let me break it down for you. What you get is a VERY thick and fluffy brioche topped with sliced tomatoes and melted cheese. The crispy bacon I picked (you can opt for smoked salmon if preferred) is heaped on top of it. Alongside those are a wobbly slow-cooked egg, chargrilled sweet corn and a Japanese-influenced salad of mixed leaves, tiny cubes of apples and sesame seeds. As I am a bit mad for avocado, I got it as an add-on for $3 more.

In contrast to their popular "Molten Eggs", this dish incorporates the element of subtle sweetness which is marvelously refreshing. I find the combination of flavours here totally spot-on 😋😋 .

Single origin from São Paolo, Brazil, given the platforms of mocha and cappuccino to sing. And sing it did, in all its nutty, chocolatey and nougat-y glory.

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Sticky and fudge-like in texture, the Sea Salt Caramel Brownie resembles a regular chocolate brownie but tastes just like very good caramel sauce formed into a block.
Even though it is sprinkled with sparkly flakes of sea salt that'll make your salivary glands go into overdrive, you do need a sweet tooth to appreciate this.

Abandoned my usual orders today as I ventured into unexplored territory of @brawn_and_brains' Beef Pastrami Sandwich.
The huge portion (there're 4 sandwiches on that plate) and mini mountain of potato chips means this can be shared satisfactorily between two people (if they don't have ginormous appetites). And lest you think it is just about size, let me assure you, the taste is right up there as well.
I chose to replace the default baguette with whole wheat bread for $1.50 more. Between those lightly-toasted slices were moist beef pastrami, mixed lettuce, fresh tomatoes and some sundried tomatoes - all held lightly together by gooey melted cheese.
Tasty and very filling, I wouldn't mind having this again when I feel like a break from my favourites - the Curried Chicken Wrap and Molten Eggs.


Thanks @thelokalsingapore for sending this Pavlova over to our table. @nantheless and I may have been stuffed from lunch but that didn't stop us from gleefully launching an attack.
How could we possibly not be excited to taste fresh soursop, passionfruit and roasted pineapples heaped on to light-as-air, crisp meringue. Its description on the "specials" board had already caught our attention when we walked in. Well, it turned out just like I'd anticipated: refreshing and fruity, with a lovely balance struck between sour and sweet.
Congrats @fuzzychef on adding yet another tempting dessert to your repertoire 👍😋

How to make sure your meal at #thehangarsg ends on a fantastic note? Get their Half Baked Cookie Dough.
It is an ingenious dessert featuring a giant chocolate chip cookie in a 6-inch cast iron pan that's served with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream and almond flakes. The surface of the piping hot cookie dough is crunchy but below that, it's nothing but wonderful chewiness filled with gobs of melted chocolate chips.
All the #burppletastemakers dining with me, gave this their thumbs-up too.

Can you believe that my first ever visit to "The Populus Coffee & Food Co." only took place earlier this week? Unlike how it is on weekends, the cafe was not crowded at all when I strolled in at 10am on a Tuesday.
Deciding what to have was tough as I was tempted by quite a number of items on their menu. Eventually, it was "The Populus Scramble" that won.
I have to say, this signature dish deserves its popularity and must-try status. The scrambled eggs, executed to slightly runny creaminess, was chockfull of marinated feta cheese, fresh herbs and even a few small slices of red chilli. It's served attractively piled on a large, very crispy, buttery croissant and topped with a few slices of bacon.
In terms of portion, "hearty" would be the word I'd use. The fact is, I struggled to finish all of it.

I am passionate about discovering all kinds of good food! 😋

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