Here for the first time and damn, we wished we knew about this place earlier. We arrived around late afternoon on a Sunday and it wasn’t crowded at all (love it!)

Tried the Roasted Pistachio and Matcha Cheesecake, double scoops at $10. Slightly on the pricey side but definitely worth the money.

Roasted pistachio was super rich, super nutty. For us who ordered roasted pistachio at every ice cream place we go, this is definitely one of the best in town (the other one, in our opinion is BOP 😛)

Matcha cheesecake took us by surprise as there aren’t many reviews about it but oh god, we were welcomed with huge chunks of legit cheesecake in it. Not just bits of the cheesecake crumble base but legit cheesecake made with probably the Philadelphia cream cheesecake. We were so delighted by it. Definitely worth to try when you see it! The matcha is also on the bitter side despite the light colour and along with the sweetness of the cheesecake, they are such a perfect pair!!

We’ll definitely be back to try the other flavours and probably the coffee!!