Cycled to dabao this and it was still warm by the time I consumed it. Ordered the Smash Double Cheese Burger ($8.40) with Cheese fries (+$2.50) and Pulled Brisket Burger ($7.50) with Truffles fries (+$3.50).

The Smash Double Cheese Burger had really juicy patties, which were packed with flavour but a tad on the saltier side. It’s a good burger and is sufficient to satisfy a burger craving but there’re better ones out there (nonetheless, worth it for the price). The Pulled Brisket Burger was really flavourful too, I enjoyed it thoroughly with every bite. Would have to say this was more unique compared to the double cheese burger. The brisket was on the sweeter side and the texture was so good. Unfortunately because the brisket was cooked in sauce, the bottom of the burger disintegrated.

Fries were on the drier side, but thank goodness they were thick cut otherwise I think it might be even drier. Cheese top up was relatively worth it, the amount of cheese was generous. However those of you who aren’t fans of creamy stuff, this might end up pretty jelak!

The aroma from the Truffle fries was so strong that when I took it out from my bag, the whole dining room was filled with the smell of truffle. However, there wasn’t much truffle taste so I personally feel that you’d probably wanna give it a miss and it’s not worth topping up $3.50 for it.