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This was really expensive ($22.50) for such a tiny plate. And sorry to say it did not meet expectations for the price tag.

The bacon was a tad too dry and the serving consisted of 3 measly, oily medallions. The sausage is really small, like a bit longer than my finger (and I have small hands), although it tasted quite nice and flavorful it lacked that juicy crunch because of its size.The sauteed mushrooms were kinda watery and oily, which resulted in such a strangely discomforting mouthfeel. The most disappointing were the scrambled eggs, which were so bland I had to ask for salt and pepper (such a travesty in my opinion). Perhaps opting for the fried or poached option might have been better.

The tomato and grilled sourdough were the best parts of a disappointingly mediocre dish. Their sourdough is really quite good; soft, chewy and tearable with that familiar tangy, yeasty aftertaste.

A breakfast plate should be a combination of simple but well-executed elements, but unfortunately this one did not quite succeed.