Breakfast Set = 1 Baked Good + Coffee/Tea. There are 2 different price points: $6.90 or $5.90 per set. I bought the more expensive one, choosing both options for baked goods to cover all ground:
- Turkey Ham & Cheese Croissant
- Smoked Salmon Quiche

Both of these are $5.90 on their own, so this set is really worth it. & when you swipe Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deal, you save even more!

My croissant was deflated by the time I reached home, probably from being heated up before being packed away 😢 It looked sad, but was surprisingly delicious! Sufficient saltiness from the turkey ham, harmonized with the slight creaminess of the emmental cheese. The croissant wasn't crispy anymore, but if you saw this as a light & flaky piece of bread, I guess that's ok 😂

I thought I'd like the quiche more, but I wasn't a fan of the mushyness of the salmon. I'd prefer larger flakes of chunky fish.. But that's my preference. Taste wise, it was okay. It is pretty dense, with a good crumbly crust.

Which one would I order again? The croissant, actually. Even though the quiche is substantially more filling. I just liked the flavours a lot better.

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