I get a craving once in a while for this traditional local breakfast of fried dough sticks and black coffee. Otherwise known as "you char kway" and "kopi o". Probably not the healthiest way to start my day but I am surrounded by octogenarians in this hawker centre who prove otherwise 😜 My absolute favourite place to indulge in this combo is at Bedok North Blk 216 hawker centre where you can find the "kopi" and "you char kway" stalls side-by-side.
Fellow Burpplers, the "Rui Xing Ka Fei Cha Shi" stall located at #01-42 is no ordinary "kopi" stall. Open from 3am to 10am everyday except for Mondays, it has a never-ending but fast-moving queue of thirsty customers who long for their strong and aromatic "kopi" (I think their most popular drink is the "kopi c"). The stall is run by middle-aged siblings and they have a really smooth operation. One of the main guys is a joy to watch as he has the slickest moves and practically gets jiggy with it while making each cup. The "you char kway" right next door is already tasty on its own. I have however, always preferred dipping it into my "kopi o" because that's the way my grandma used to have hers. #hawkerpedia