The weather is cooler today, but there're always other reasons to indulge in ice cold desserts. The coconut ice cream here is creamy with distinctively coconut taste. Interestingly, I thought that famous coconut ice at Chatuchak were icy instead of creamy, so I thought this is in fact a better version of the coconut ice cream. (I didn't know what had happened to the Chatuchak ice cream when I had them in March 2016, it was so different from the one I had 8 years ago!) The owner told me that he imported all his ingredients from Thailand. Is he referring to everything found in this bowl - the red ruby, chendol, peanuts, corn and atap chee? I like the mix of these ingredients, but thought it would be more visually appealing to display them on top of the ice cream of burying them below, so what you're seeing here is me lifting up the ice cream so that I can photograph the goodies hidden below. $4.90 for two scoops of ice cream with all these 'toppings' that weren't on top. This dessert happened to have many of my favourite items all rolled into one, so I'll have it when I'm here again.