I've been eyeing this place for ages since it appeared on several food blogs! πŸ˜† But I was disappointed! Salmon was sadly way overcooked to the point of it being hard! The mentaiko made up for it though! Think the highlight of this dish is the homemade mashed potato with gravy... Surprisingly tasted really satisfying πŸ˜‹ The aglio olio was average and nothing to write home about.

Would I be back? Well, I want to try the cod with white wine and truffle oil! Too bad it was sold out today. But I wouldn't get this dish again... The mentaiko cod and chips wasn't too bad but the fries really cannot make it sia. Has an identity crisis since it doesn't know whether to be seasoned with paprika or drizzled with truffle oil... πŸ˜‚

The day was made better by buying cake from Chef Yamashita afterwards and eating it during meeting! πŸ˜› #Burpple