If The Betterfield sounds all familiar to you — that’s because they had existed in the F&B scene some time back; from their founding several years ago at the foot of a HDB block at Waterloo Street and to their move and subsequent closure at The Treasury, they have also moved on to other F&B concepts such as The Bettership at The Cathay, and Steakville at Sunshine Plaza. So we were pretty glad to hear of their return as The Betterfield — bringing back all the old favourites from the menu since their inception at Waterloo Street such as the Ultimate Truffle Fries, Classical Duck Confit, Pulled Duck Burger and even the mocktails such as Bear on the Ledge back at their new location at 140 Robinson Road, taking over the former premises of Wolf.

Was a bit adamant to order something else apart from the Classical Duck Confit, but finally persuaded myself to go with the Mentaiko Scallop Pasta so that I could get to try something new; the pasta came with elements such as Japanese scallops, Mentaiko Pasta and parsley. A dish bound to capture the hearts of those who love slightly more savoury notes for their mains, the al-dente pasta comes tossed with a sauce laced with mentaiko; comes slightly saltish and further enhanced with the savouriness of the parmesan added. Liked how there is this light, herb-y note that was carried throughout from the mixed herbs which is tossed with the pasta, while the scallops were reasonably fresh and plump to provide a slightly briny hint with a slight chew.

Probably just something that strikes me, but I am a sucker for how they seemed to have use the same dining wares that they have used previously at the Waterloo Street location (also the location which I had visited them the most; don’t ever recall having headed down to their The Treasury location) — brings some sense of nostalgia that brings me back to carefree days where I was still in serving my NS. Nonetheless, it’s pretty comforting to know that The Betterfield is back; can’t say for sure how they were at The Treasury, but probably still looking forward to having the Classical Duck Confit just like how I did for the first time when I visited their Waterloo Street location — something likely to invoke some memories that may lurk at the back of the head.