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The list where you find me having a rare plate of pasta.
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

Taking over the former premises of MexOut along Pekin Street, Tapasta Bar is a new concept that serves up customisable pasta and grain bowls in the day on weekdays, whilst serving up Tapas, pasta, grain bowls and burgers for dinner on weekdays, and all-day during weekends.

Opted for this item off the "Main" section of the menu, which comprises of elements such as homemade chicken meatballs (the same being available as a dish from their Tapas menu), spaghetti, and spicy tomato cream sauce. Thought the pasta was done a little bit past al-dente; not that it was bothersome but could have carried a little more bite. Laced in a spicy tomato cream, the tomato cream hits the spot for those who prefer a bit of richness over the usual tangy and light tomato-based sauces but also carrying a punchy spiciness that tingles the taste buds of those who can manage moderate levels of spiciness. The homemade chicken meatballs carried a good meaty bite, though could have been better if the exterior came more crisp for more texture. Despite minor improvements that could be made, a pretty enjoyable dish that was considerably delicious.


From MASH at Pek Kio, which is by the folks behind now-defunct GRIT at Pek Kio previously located at Pek Kio Market and Food Centre; MASH at Pek Kio had not moved far, with its new location situated just right opposite where GRIT at Pek Kio was at Blk 44 Owen Road.

Had been enjoying different variants of Carbonara lately, and this was yet another version that shone. Featuring elements such as Iberian Pork Jowl, Bacon, Pecorino and Truffle Oil, the Carbonara here is well-executed without being jelak. Despite the use of truffle oil, the truffle oil is not the dominant factor of the Carbonara here, which focuses on the creaminess and slight cheesiness with the al-dente linguine that carries a good bite. Really liked how they had included the Iberian Pork Jowl and Bacon here; the former helping to add a bit of chew with its chunkiness that was juicy and tender, while the latter being crisp — both adding a savoury note to the Carbonara to create that classic flavour. Overall, a pretty satisfying version that we would certainly go for again!


Came across a post about the pasta from this stall situated at Blk 204 Serangoon Central just a stone's throw away from Serangoon MRT Station and thought it would be good to make it my dinner plan over the weekend.

Probably one of the better Carbonara that I have ever came across from a Western food stall in a coffee shop. Wasn't expecting much initially, but the Carbonara was pretty well-executed considering how it came without an onslaught of cream (aka the way that it should have been done), yet coming with a hint of garlic and pepper; a rarity when it comes to Carbonara served from similar set-ups and at the price of S$7. Noodles were done al-dente, whilst the mushrooms helped to provide a chewy texture and an earthy note to cut through the richness of the dish, coming along with bacon bits for a savoury flavour profile with a tinge of smokiness. Really liked how the yolk came all jiggly, adding richness to the entire affair when mixed in. On a side note, the lady behind the counter was pretty enthusiastic, and they were running a promotion where patrons can like their Facebook page in order to roll dices which would entitle them different tiers of discounts for their orders; pretty creative, and a refreshing take on running a business in the F&B scene!


Situated along Serangoon Road right beside Kombi Rocks Diner is Eleven Strands, a new French-inspired concept opened by the folks behind South Union Park at Jalan Kembangan which places an emphasis on their stellar handmade pasta, though also serving starters, mains, sides and desserts — some of which being classics at South Union Park.

New and exclusively available at Eleven Strands, the Bacon Spinach Cream is loosely inspired by the classic Carbonara, though with their own input which makes it vary from the Italian classic, hence the difference in name. We opted for the tagliatelle; the handmade pasta being al-dente without being too chewy nor brittle. Featuring bacon, baby spinach and cream, the cream sauce was not jelak nor too thick; instead, being pretty light on creaminess. The bacon is of high quality; thinly sliced, not too fatty and consistent in its cut — crisp with a bite without being too overly salty while being easy to bite. Liked how the spinach was soft, and balances the overall flavours with garlic chips helping to add slight contrast of flavours that was complementing to the whole dish. Overall, a crowd-pleaser done well, with all of the elements carrying flavours of similar intensity to balance things out; a surprisingly light cream-based pasta which just kept us going without bring heavy and overwhelming. Congratulations to the folks behind South Union Park/Eleven Strands for the opening of their new establishment, and wishing them all the best in the days to come!


Taking over the former premises of Nostimo Greek Deli at Suntec City is Pasta Supremo, a new establishment that specialises in handmade pasta.

Went for this item off the Haus Pasta section of the ala-carte menu, but Pasta Supremo also serves up Build Your Own Pasta, which allows patrons to go for their choice of noodles, sauce, protein and toppings (protein and toppings are classed in two separate tiers with different pricing across Super and Supremo categories). The Carbonara, but not really features Curly Pasta, Haus Bacon, 3 Mushroom Creme, and Parmigiana Reggiano. Thought the short curly pasta was done pretty al-dente, dyed blue using natural colouring from blue pea flower; carried a chewy bite without bring brittle nor doughy. Tossed in a mild tasting sauce, we felt the sauce lacked oomph; the mushrooms lacking an earthy note, while the Haus Bacon, despite being the highlight, was unusually bland and dry — failed to integrate into the dish for that slight twist that it was intended to carry. Portion is a little on the small side, especially considering the overall quality and flavour at S$18.


Went back to their East Coast Road branch for dinner and tried this. A simple pasta, the noodles were done al-dente whilst tossed in a spicy mix of Tobiko and Peperocini; not shy with its hint of spiciness whilst carrying a peppery note and a popping sensation from the Tobiko which was fun to eat. Scallops were fresh, plump and juicy, whilst pickles help to add a tanginess that cuts through the other flavours aptly. Onsen egg was executed well; runny, and gives the pasta a silkier texture. A pretty simple pasta dish that satisfies.


Egg-less Mini Pasta Shells, Chorizo, Kale, Mascarpone Cheese. From this new Italian establishment situated at Mohamed Sultan Road; the Cavatelli was the item leaving us wanting more — the egg-less mini pasta shells carried just enough bite whilst slightly doughy, going well with the rich, yet slightly cheesy sauce at the bottom that is well-balanced with the kale that adds a spinach-like flavour that provides a good contrast. Chorizo helps add a meaty bite to the pasta, giving it that savoury flavour typical of cured meats with a slight hint of spiciness. A very well-executed pasta item, which takes into the finer details in terms of texture and flavour; something which I would crave for again.


From this new establishment at North Bridge Road taking over the former premises of now-defunct Hyde & Co. from The Black Hole Group (which runs Working Title, The Mad Sailors, Santap and The Great Mischief) that serves up handmade pasta, mix-and-match style. Liked how the combination ended up light, but still creamy — the Alfredo sauce matched well with the Lemon & Dill Fettuccine; some al-dente, the pasta carries a bite without being brittle and carried a slight herby note amidst the creamy sauce; pretty uplifting and a harmonious blend together. White Wine Vinegar Mussels are reasonably fresh, though on the small side — can’t complain too much though; an addition of just $3 as a premium topping, the portion of three mussels is seemingly generous. A decent Muslim-run spot that is worth checking out if in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood.


White Wine, Miso Cream, Chili Padi, Clam, Lemon Zest. Checked out this neighbourhood bar conveniently situated just a stone’s throw away from Boon Keng MRT Station a while back for dinner. Food surpassed expectations; pasta was al-dente, while the white wine miso cream it was laced in was savoury yet briny — matches the clams (which were fresh) so well whilst not being overly creamy and hence not being jelak as well. Lemon zest helps to add a refreshing burst to the pasta to cut through those flavours and gives the dish contrast.

Pretty excited for South Union Park’s menu revamp for how they had gone on a hiatus for three months. A very light-tasting, comforting and hearty pasta featuring tomato-base — the tomato-base is just about right; not overly tangy but still flavoursome. Handmade pasta here is still stellar — provides a good bite whilst done al-dente; excellent as always, while the chicken sausage gives a good, meaty bite whilst melding well with all else on the plate without dominating the other elements here. Yet another satisfying meal here; always a joy to eat here for how every dish is so well-executed — my favourite place to dine at as always!


Had a pretty intimate dining experience at this new hole-in-the-wall bistro hidden at Orchard Plaza that only has a single communal table that can seat 8 to 10 pax — the entire operations is just a one-man show; the chef-owner shuffles between kitchen duties at the open concept kitchen behind, as well as the front-of-house.

This item was incredibly wholesome and comforting; the food are all generally pretty cosy and well-executed — fresh pasta that is made in-house, all al-dente with a bite while laced in that creamy sauce that is rich, thick and flavourful. The chunks of pork comes pretty chunky and generous in portion; comes with a good bite whilst carrying its own sweetness without carrying any porky stench. All’s topped off with a bit of shaved cheese for a slight cheesiness that finishes the dish. A spot that I am actually rather excited to revisit again for the other mains and pasta; an experience that is rarely presented at other eateries — it’s as though you are having a (talented) friend in the kitchen for a gathering that is everything about good vibes and comforting food.


From The Stamford Brasserie, a new all-day dining concept at Swissotel Stamford Singapore which serves up sandwiches, pasta, burgers, soups and salads as well as desserts.

The House-made Gnocchi was a dish that could have been outstanding, but fell short with some details that could have been better taken care of. While the gnocchi were light and chewy, the lack of a crustiness around the exterior made it feel like it fell a little short on the textural department. It comes with earthy Porcini mushrooms in butter cream; whilst flavourful, the cream was a tad liquid — felt that it could be reduced further to be a little thicker and richer overall.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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