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Get to choose 2 out of 6 broths (Signature Spicy Prawn Broth 虾汤, Singapore Specialty Laksa Broth 叻沙汤底, Sichuan Sour Pickled Broth 四川酸菜汤, Sichuan Mala Broth 四川麻辣汤底, Chicken Broth 鸡汤底, Nourishing Herbal Broth 滋补养生汤, Refreshing Tomato Broth 酸甜番茄汤底). I've tried the Signature spicy prawn broth and Singapore Specialty Laksa Broth. The Signature spicy prawn broth was on a savoury saltiness taste. My family preferred the Singapore Specialty laksa broth. It was rich broth with lots of tasty bits at the soup base. No worries if you do not have a twin pot. Hai Xian Lao offers delivery and rental of induction cooker/ Pots/ Ladles is free with a min spending of S$60. Dipping sauces are a fundamental part of the hot pot experience and it is thoughtful for them to pack some Special Mix Sauce in this set. .
Featuring the Father's Day hotpot set:.
▪️Premium Spanish Pork Collar Sliced 西班牙五花肉片 (Full Portion)
▪️Premium Spanish Pork Belly Sliced 西班牙三层肉片(Full Portion)
▪️Sliced Chicken Thigh 鸡腿肉片(Full Portion)
▪️Handmade Seafood Paste 手工海鲜滑 (Full Portion)
▪️White Sea Prawn深海白明虾 (Full Portion)
▪️Clams (LaLa) 啦啦 (Full Portion)
▪️Black Mussel 黑依 (Full Portion)
▪️Leaf Lettuce油麦菜 (Full Portion)
▪️Spinach菠菜 (Full Portion)
▪️Chinese Cabbage 天津白菜 (Full Portion)
▪️Golden Mushroom 金针菇 (Full Portion)
▪️Sea Urchin Ball 海胆包心丸 (Full Portion)
▪️Soybean Roll 响铃卷 (Full Portion) Hai Xian Lao ▪️Special Mix Sauce 海鲜捞特酱料 Noodles (Select 2 | 选 2)
▪️Korean Instant Noodles 韩国方便面 / Udon Noodles 乌冬面 / Crispy Noodles生面 ▪️Specialty Fried Rice (Select 2 | 选 2)
Golden Fried Rice 蛋炒饭 / Sichuan Mala Fried Rice 四川麻辣炒饭
Father's Day hotpot set at S$88+ (U.P. S$128). Free islandwide delivery. .
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